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How To Get More Out Of Your Sleep This Year

Sleep is a basic need, but it can take a lot of work. You would think that we’d all be great sleepers, but despite how hardwired it is in our biology, many life factors can make sleeping difficult. Here, we go over how to get more out of your sleep this year. Read on to learn how to achieve your desired sleep.

Go To Bed At A Consistent Time

By teaching your brain what to expect regarding your sleep hygiene, you can experience improved sleep and better mental and physical health over time.

All of us have circadian rhythms that align with the sunrise and sunset. When we listen to our body’s internal clock and take advantage of the ideal sleep schedule, we can experience more satisfactory sleep. Start going to bed at the same time each night to work your way to good sleep over time. You can also try to wake up at the same time each morning for better sleep outcomes.

Upgrade Your Bedding

By upgrading your bedding, you may notice a big difference in your sleep. Get a mattress in a box, new sheets, and new pillows. Make sure you choose high-quality, intuitive fabrics that respond to your body’s temperature changes throughout the night. Look for cooling fabrics for hotter months of the year and flannel or heat-trapping fabrics for the winter months. Make sure that your sleep environment is extremely comfortable.

Reduce Blue Light Exposure

Blue light exposure sends messages to your brain that encourage it to stay awake and alert. With all of us engaging in so much screen time each day, it’s safe to say that our blue light exposure is pretty high.

When we stare at our screens late into the evening, we are not training our bodies to wind down for sleep. We are doing the opposite. If you have trouble sleeping, reduce your blue light exposure by setting your phone to night mode, and ideally, limit your device usage in the evening.

Use Pillow Spray

The soothing aromatherapeutic effects of essential oils can do wonders for inducing sleep. Try out pillow sprays in soothing scents, like lavender and chamomile, for rest and see if this simple solution helps you sleep soundly. You can also look into essential oil diffusers for overnight use.


Stop Stressing About It

Tossing and turning make it challenging to fall asleep, but by worrying about not falling asleep, you make the situation worse. Take the pressure off yourself by making positive behavioral changes, such as accepting where you are, and you might get a better night of rest than anticipated.

Have A Night Routine

You can train your brain to recognize when it is time for sleep by following a consistent night routine that prepares you for sleep. For instance, you might shower before bed, do some yoga, or have some hot tea. Small rituals like this can be enough to teach your mind and body that you’re preparing for sleep. Over time, these cues will help you fall asleep faster and with fewer disruptions.

Read Before Bed

Reading before bed can have a sleep-inducing effect, especially if you read something that you do not find particularly interesting. Make sure you’re reading a physical copy and are not using your device to read, or this may defeat the purpose!

The Bottom Line

Get more out of your sleep this year by making healthy changes to your sleep hygiene. Consider the above suggestions as you establish a sleep routine that works for you. Keep at it, and eventually, you’ll get rest you need.

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