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5 Common Tea Brewing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The 2.16 billion cups of tea are consumed every day — that’s 25,000 cups per second! But how many of those cups teas are actually brewed the correct way?

If you love tea and depend on that delicious cup to kickstart your day, you need to know how to brew it perfectly and what you’re doing wrong right now.

Check out these five common tea brewing mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. You’re Not Using Loose Leaf Teas

Teabags are super convenient and give you a cup of tea in just a couple of minutes. But is it a great cup of tea? It’s definitely not as good as it could be because it uses broken tea leaves rather than beautiful full leaves.

Essentially, these broken bits of tea leaves don’t have a lot of essential oils and they also release bitter tannins into your tea.

With just a little bit of patience, you can have a great cup of tea every time just by using loose leaf teas such as these organic soursop leaves. What’s more, you can use the used tea leaves a good couple of times more!

  1. The Hot Water for Tea Is Too Hot

The standard way to make a cup of tea is to pop on your kettle and wait till the water is well and truly boiling and your kettle is whistling. But this means that your water is too hot. Why does this matter? Well, it destroys the healthy compounds in your tea.

So, what’s the ideal water temperature? It should be just under a rolling boil, as the small bubbles appear in the kettle.

  1. You’re Not Getting the Steep Right

Brewing your tea for too long or not enough is a sure-fire way to mess it up. The length of time that you should steep your tea depends on the common tea ingredients that you love. For example, you should brew green tea for three minutes, and black tea for three to five minutes.

  1. You’re Using Tap Water

If you want a flavorful, perfect-tasting cup of tea, then you need to stop using your tap water for brewing. All tea aficionados will tell you that filtered water is the only way to go.

Purified water is free of fluoride, chlorine, and other minerals that affect the taste of your tea.

  1. You’re Not Storing It Properly

In order to brew the perfect cup of tea, you need to know how to store tea to make sure that you preserve the flavor. You should keep your tea in a cool, dark, and dry place as the leaves may absorb moisture if left in a humid environment.

Don’t keep your tea near spices or other ingredients as the leaves don’t only absorb moisture, but surrounding flavors, too.

Are You Making These Tea Brewing Mistakes?

Are you guilty of any of these tea brewing mistakes? With a little patience and a tiny bit of extra effort, you are guaranteed a perfect cup of tea every time. Notice where you can improve and work on brewing the most delicious, healthy cup of tea.

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