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5 Cashew Butter Health Benefits Every Foodie Should Know

Over 60 percent of people reported wanted to eat healthy substitutes of some of their favorite less-healthy foods.

However, go into any grocery store and it is too easy to become quickly overwhelmed by the variety of substitutes for some of your go-to foods. How do you know which one is healthy versus the trend-of-the-month? Which one will actually taste good in some of the common recipes you like to make?

Cashew butter is the perfect healthy substitute for plenty of other nut butters that may be in your pantry.

We have gathered the top 5 cashew butter health benefits, plus some awesome recipes that every foodie should know about. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Cashews Are Good For You

Cashews are chock full of so many good things that help to support brain function, your cardiovascular system, and overall health. They have antioxidants, which help protect your body against free radicals and other toxic particles.

Cashews are high in vitamin B1, magnesium, and healthy fatty acids. Magnesium and healthy unsaturated fats help to lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, which helps to support proper cardiovascular health.

They are very high in protein, with every 100 grams of cashews typically having 18 grams of protein. If you are looking to build more muscle or tone up, cashew butter can provide you with your recommended daily protein intake.

  1. Cashews Are Great Sources of Energy

Processed foods filled with lots of sugars and empty calories may trick you into thinking that they are giving you loads of energy to get through your day. But after that initial (and artificial) rush, you probably often have a sugar crash.

Processed foods can zap you of energy, especially when consumed regularly. Cashews on the other hand can provide plenty of energy, thanks to their high-calorie count. It is also because 40 percent of cashews are made up of healthy fatty acids.

People generally do not get enough healthy fats in their diet. So, if you have been wondering how to get more fatty acids, cashew butter should be your top choice.

  1. Cashews Can Help Lift Your Mood

Aside from tasting great, the great thing about this nut butter is that it scientifically helps boost your mood. That is because cashews have an essential amino acid called L-tryptophan.

Once consumed, L-tryptophan is changed into serotonin by your brain. Having healthy levels of serotonin elevates overall happiness. Cashews also have amino acids that turn into melatonin, which helps you sleep much easier.

  1. Cashew Butters Are Extremely Versatile

Cashew butter is an extremely versatile ingredient that can be thrown in almost anything. Unlike other nut butter, like peanut butter, you can get flavored cashew butter to add a twist of flavor to your favorite dish.

Some examples of these different kinds of flavors include cookies and cream, blueberry, coconut, and more. These types of flavored cashew butters are perfect for the experimental cook.

Cashew butter can go in virtually any meal with a little bit of creativity. You can add it to pasta dishes to make the sauce more creamy. You can also use it top to your favorite smoothie bowl for a nutty, flavorful addition.

  1. Cashews Can Help Fight Off Illness

Cashew butter can be a surprisingly great nut butter to help boost your immune system. Cashews are great sources of zinc, which are instrumental in helping to ward off viruses and certain bacteria.

In fact, it was reported that individuals with healthy zinc levels recovered three times faster from COVID-19 than those who had a zinc deficiency. Over one billion people across the globe suffer from zinc deficiency.

Deficient or not, load up on the natural levels of minerals and vitamins in cashews to keep yourself healthy for the long haul.

Delicious and Easy Cashew Butter Recipes Foodies Will Love

Now that you know all of the amazing health benefits that come from eating cashews and cashew butter, it is time to add them to some of your favorite recipes. For those looking for peanut butter alternatives, cashew butter should be your go-to pick.

To jumpstart your imagination, here are some delicious and easy cashew butter recipes that will earn a spot in your weekly rotation.

Stuffed Cashew Butter Dates

Cut organic dates in half and remove the pit. Slather on some cashew butter, sprinkle some sea salt, chocolate chips, or another type of topping for a sweet treat.

Cashew Butter and Banana Quesadilla

This delicious and yummy treat is so easy to make. Heat up a tortilla on a stovetop to warm them. Once warmed, spread a generous amount of cashew butter on one whole side.

Layer one-half of the tortilla with the sliced banana. Drizzle with some honey for added sweetness. Flip the other half to cover the bananas and press close with a spatula.

Cauliflower Cashew Butter Pasta

For some insane creamy goodness, add this recipe to your dinner plans one night. Roast cauliflower florets in the oven until tender. Toss into a blender with a healthy amount of cashew butter and blend until creamy.

Add to any cooked pasta for some delicious and healthy flavor.

Looking For More Healthy Recipe Ideas?

Cashew butter is a great addition to any pantry. Not only does it have a variety of health benefits, from helping to increase your zinc levels and serotonin to boost your energy throughout the day, but it also tastes amazing.

It’s the perfect addition to afternoon snacks, breakfasts, and lunches.

Be sure to follow along to read up on even more healthy recipe ideas and nutritional info on all your favorite foods.

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