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Considerations Of A Plant-Based Diet For Seniors

The world is always changing, and the knowledge we have concerning various dietary choices has been growing in recent years.  Food providers and even many senior living facilities are also shifting their menus to a more accommodating selection.

Getting older means that your body’s dietary needs will change a bit.  It’s important that you have a food regimen that is designed to help your body thrive.  Take a few moments to consider the benefits of a plant-based diet for seniors, and start making wiser choices today.

Ways to get plenty of protein

Senior bodies need more protein than younger people.  Seniors need more protein to preserve their body mass and function.  If you’re a senior with a severe illness, you may need even more protein.

Eating a plant-based diet provides plenty of opportunities to get the protein your body needs to stay healthy.  Make sure your diet includes plenty of chickpeas, tofu, nuts, and other protein rich foods.

Include calcium and vitamin D

Your bones need extra TLC when you get into your older years, and calcium and vitamin D are the best enrichment tools for longterm bone health.  Eating a plant-based diet means that you won’t be getting the nutrients from dairy products.

Instead, boost your diet with calcium fortified cereals, pita bread, and almond milk.  If you need more calcium and vitamin D, try taking a daily supplement as well.

B12 is essential for seniors

The senior body needs plenty of B12 to maintain a healthy nervous system and provide plenty of energy throughout the day.  Ordinarily, B12 is found in fish, eggs, and other meats, but a plant-based diet can fulfill your body’s need for the vitamin just as well.

Try eating cereals which have been fortified with B12.  Yeast extracts, soya yoghurts and non-dairy milks are also a good source of the vitamin.

Iron-rich foods are crucial

Low iron is a common occurrence for seniors, and a meatless diet can lead to trouble if you don’t find alternate ways to take in the proper amount of iron.  Leafy green vegetables alongside a juicy, vitamin-C rich orange will help your body actually absorb the iron in the greens more efficiently.

Boost your immune system

Eating a plant-based diet means that you’ll have the opportunity to fill your regimen with more fresh fruits and veggies.  Eating meat often deprives individuals of the chance to fill their meal plan with fresh fruits and veggies.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent for reducing the risk of heart disease, strengthening the immune system, and lowering your body’s risk of developing cancer.  Your body will also benefit from being retrained to crave healthy sugars like those found in the yummiest fruits.

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