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Loving Mom, On a Budget

As I said in a recent post, Nick and I are planning a cruise wedding for sometime in 2012. With this wedding looming, we’re continuing to work on saving money as much as possible. Nick and I both love to give gifts, but it’s hard to give wonderful gifts when you’re trying to save money…..or is it?? Today is Mother’s Day and I have to be at work all day, so last night (while Nick was at work) I invited my mom over for a special Mother’s Day Eve dinner.

Mom, I love YOU!Loving Mom 1

For the protein I pan seared some wild-caught salmon, because I only feed my mom the best fish! My mom suggested adding some maple syrup as a glaze, which sounded like a great idea to me. It turned out fantastic.side dish

I served this quinoa salad as the side dish, which was a simple combination of quinoa, dill, reduced fat feta cheese, cucumbers, red peppers, tomatoes and a bit of EVOO.

Have you ever toasted salmon skin for a snack? I know that sounds so strange, but a lot of the omega-3’s are concentrated in the skin. I took off the skin, added some salt and pepper, toasted it until it was nice and crispy, and we ate it as a little snack after our meal.side dish 1

I know it may not look very appealing, but it was quite delicious and satisfying.side dish 2

For our beverage we had some very “fine” wine, aka an eight dollar bottle of Big House Red.Big House Red

If you are friends with me on Facebook, and you know my last name, you’ll understand why I bought this wine. I’ve had it before and loved it. It’s a California wine and it’s a mix of several grapes (and no merlot included, yeah!). If you can’t read the wacky writing below, read about the wine here.Big House Red 1

And for dessert I made some of my famous low fat chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I simply made my original vanilla ice cream (with almond milk and half and half) and added some unsweetened cocoa powder, whole peanuts, and some chunks of chunky peanut butter.

After dinner I gave my mom with a poem I wrote for her. Who says you have to spend a lot of money to show love??!!

QUESTION: How did you show your mom you loved her today?

If you are a mom yourself, happy Mother’s Day to you!

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