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While doing a demo in the demo kitchen the other day, I noticed that one of the chefs was making whipped cream…..with vanilla bean paste! She poured two containers of heavy whipping cream into a Kitchen Aid mixer and started whipping the cream until “stiff peaks” formed. Next she poured some vanilla bean paste into the whipped cream and incorporated the paste into the whipping cream for about 30 seconds.

Deliciouswhipped cream 2I’ve been lovin’ it with canned pumpkin (my last can!) and butternut squash.

whipped cream 3whipped cream 4I’ve been loving it with orange juice popsicles and 2% plain Greek yogurt.whipped cream 5And of course I loved it many times with homemade ice cream, but I don’t have pictures to share. When my whipped cream was gone I thought about making more, but then I quickly decided it was slightly dangerous to have a constant supply of a treat that sounds so healthy (sugar-free!) but is secretly not (lots of saturated fat…).

So now I’m lovin’ plain 2% Greek yogurt + butternut squash + walnut butter….whipped cream 6Smoothies with frozen blueberries (~3/4 cup) unsweetened almond milk (enough to cover the blueberries), and 2% Greek yogurt….without whipped cream. Oh well! It’s still fantastic.whipped cream 7I’m lovin’ making popsicles. I haven’t done anything really creative yet, but the other day I added yogurt to the popsicles. They were pretty delicious! If you don’t have a popsicle maker, just use an ice cube tray and make mini popsicles. They taste just as good.whipped cream 8And to move away from the sweet foods, I’m LOVIN’ eggs lately!! Nick is lovin’ the fact that I’m lovin’ eggs because he’s finding that my love for eggs means we eat them more often for dinner. So easy! Most of the time I do one egg, lots of egg whites, and of course tons of veggies on the side or mixed into the egg creation. Or we’ll do dipping eggs….whipped cream 9 Many people still think eggs are really unhealthy, but I beg to differ. Check out my post about the benefits of eggs if you need some convincing. Clearly you should watch how many you eat per week (I say no more than five, depending on your health status) but give up on the idea that eggs are bad for you. They are a cheap and delicious protein choice.

Oh yeah, I’m also lovin’ Cabot 75% Reduced Fat Cheese. And unfortunately, now that Nick has tasted it, he’s lovin’ it too. Darn it! I wish it wasn’t so expensive.

QUESTION: What are you LOVIN’ LATELY?! Something else I’m lovin’ is broccoli sauteed with EVOO and rice vinegar. Is that random or what?!

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