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Homemade Organic Pesticide

Organic Pesticide & Garden Update

Before I left for Pittsburgh Nick and I created an organic pesticide for our garden. We seem to have a bug problem so we thought we’d remedy sooner rather than later. You can find the organic pesticide recipe here.

We chopped up some garlic, onion, and jalapeno peppers, and then add them to the blender with water and vinegar (grossed out yet?!).Organic Pesticide 1

After about 4 minutes of blending, we ended up with this creamy-colored gross mixture.gross

Then we covered the blender with cheese cloth and made it look like it came straight from the desert…..gross mixture 1

Then we drained the liquid into a giant container.Organic Pesticide 2

After mixing it up for a while we added it to this smaller container and allowed it to sit for 24 hours.Organic Pesticide 3

After a day we sprayed the pesticide on our plants (near the roots). We had to make sure not to do this with rain in the forecast.Organic Pesticide 4

NOTE: Other than making sure there is no rain in the forecast before using this, the key is to use this pesticide right when the plants start to sprout. We waited too long….

Either way, what do you think of our garden?! I’ll be honest, Nick has been doing most of the work. He was born to garden! These pictures are actually over a week old. I am so excited to see it when I get back. It’s like being excited to see how big your son or daughter has gotten after a long vacation (ok, it’s a little different, but kind of similar! Plants grow a lot faster than kids, so 5 days probably means major growth).Organic Pesticide 5
Here is our kale, which Nick tasted and then spit right out (he’s not a kale lover, so it’s all for me).Organic Pesticide 6

Have you seen our fence? We thought we’d block the animals by building a fence. I’ll take credit for this one. We found the equipment at Lowe’s and it took about an hour to erect this beauty. So far it’s working well.Organic Pesticide 7

Coming Up

I’m managing to continue blogging with this busy schedule, but I’m sorry if my comment frequency has slightly decreased. I’ll get back into a good schedule sooner or later. I have some great posts prepared for the coming weeks, including a post about incorporating whole grains into your diet, one about lactose intolerance, another about summer berries, and of course some updates on my training process! I want future RDs (and everyone in between) to get an idea of what I will be doing each day.

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