Health & Food

Home Sweet Home

After 5 days of working out in the hotel gym…..

Living out of a tiny hotel refrigerator…..

Eating mainly sushi, salads, and peanut butter (and missing my homemade ice cream!)….

I returned home for the weekend! I arrived last night and after a romantic embrace with Nick (hehe, not really) I ran quickly to the garden to see how much my babies had grown. Nick showed me this giant pumpkin vine (below), which means we’ll at least have a couple pumpkins by the time fall comes!

And we even have a winter squash coming in. Isn’t she cute?

The kale has grown a ton in the past 5 days, I couldn’t believe it.

My last post was about the organic pesticide that Nick and I created. A couple of you asked if it was working and the answer is that we don’t really know. We still see some bugs, but I don’t think any pesticide keeps 100% of the bugs away, right? In our minds it’s working well.


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Coming Up

Tonight Nick and I are meeting some friends at a food and wine festival. Monday (before I leave for Pittsburgh again) I’ll post a recap, plus an almond butter review.