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3 Things You Should Change About Your Diet Now

As much as people might think that the secret to longevity is going to the gym or taking vitamins, the truth is that maintaining a healthy diet is truly the secret to staying well. The food choices we make on a daily basis significantly impact everything in our lives.

From our energy levels to even our mood, what we eat can even help us manage and treat disorders. Yet, if it were this simple, everyone would be walking around with perfectly healthy bodies and zero health concerns.

The truth is there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution for everyone, particularly because many people have food aversions or even allergies. And while everyone’s nutrition may vary depending on their unique bodies and concerns, there are some universal rules that apply to everyone.

 If you hope to be healthy and feel your best, here are three things you should change about your diet — right now.

Stop Eating the Same Foods

When it comes to a balanced diet, it is, well,— balanced. It’s important that you eat a variety of different food groups in order to ensure that your body receives the maximum amount of vitamins from each.

Even if you love meat, always make sure that you throw in some whole grains or healthy fats. A well-rounded meal is one that will give you the maximum amount of energy and boost your metabolism. Not to mention, it’s more enjoyable to eat a wide variety of flavors and textures rather than eating the same thing over and over.  Food is meant to be enjoyed, don’t forget it!

Stop Eating Too Much

Some people are so restrictive with their diets that they end up overeating their “allowed” foods. Unfortunately, portion control is critical when it comes to managing your weight. Overeating even foods that are so-called “healthy” isn’t good for you.

As a general rule of thumb, you should never eat a portion bigger than your fist. Eating frequent and smaller meals is much better for your health than overeating all in one go. Remember to carefully listen to your hunger cues and know when you’re actually hungry, or if it’s something else like boredom, or even thirst.

Drink More Water

On that note, it’s important to mention how deceiving thirst can be when it comes to your diet. Sometimes we’re convinced that what we’re feeling is hunger, when in fact, it’s simply thirst.

Start drinking water regularly throughout the day, which won’t just help improve your digestion, but it will also keep you energized. In addition to drinking water, you can also choose water-rich foods, like certain vegetables like squash, and fruits. Incorporating plenty of water into your diet will help you stay healthier, and also curb your appetite to avoid overeating.

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