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Tech Trends That Will Dominate the Restaurant Industry in 2023

This year, restaurant equipment suppliers, commercial kitchens, and other foodservice providers will have a host of new technology available to help them better serve their customers. Here are some of the latest tech trends and restaurant industry news for 2023.

More Efficient Checkout Processes

To reduce lines and wait times, restaurants and commercial catering companies are making use of new technology like innovative, on-the-go payment methods, and emailed receipts to streamline the checkout process. Many of these new technologies enable customers to pay in under a minute.

Digitized Menus & Ordering Options

As we move more and more toward a digital way of life, restaurants and foodservice industry suppliers are taking note, employing cutting-edge digital menus and ordering technology to make it easier for everyone. Through the use of mobile applications, customers can view menus and place their orders directly without the need for wait staff, making the process easier and more efficient. Not only does this provide a better experience for the customer but also enables restaurants to track key metrics and ordering trends among consumers and position their products accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics

Another trend restaurant equipment suppliers and those in the foodservice industry will see is more of a push toward utilizing AI and robotics to further streamline the restaurant experience. High labor costs, staff shortages, and menu inflation has led many to implement automated tools to track payroll and automatically adjust pricing based on demand. Additionally, one of the latest trends in restaurant industry news is the use of drone food delivery.

Digital Loyalty Programs

Many restaurants and commercial kitchens are implementing loyalty programs that are more tech-driven. Rather than simply sending out emails or giving punch cards to past and current customers, some are taking it one step further and implementing contactless loyalty programs. Customers can download an app onto their wireless device, which tracks their purchases and bases the rewards offered on their personal buying habits. With this technology, restaurants can offer instant incentives, like free drinks or discounts upon downloading their app.

Ghost Kitchens

Over the past few years, with the demand for food delivery increasing, many restaurants have begun using ghost kitchens that offer a shared space for food packaging and delivery. This enables commercial kitchen and restaurant owners to reduce overhead costs while still keeping up with customer demand. Additionally, it can reduce wait times because chefs and restaurant staff can focus simply on creating orders, which also means minimizing human errors due to wait staff, etc.

Contactless Dining

Although this became a big trend during the recent pandemic, contactless dining continues to grow in popularity. Restaurants are now implanting everything from QR code ordering to augmented reality menus.

Offering a pleasant delivery experience is, and will continue to be, an important part of your restaurant business. For help designing your digital menu to increase conversions and enhance the customer experience, please see the resource below.

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