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Toddler Happenings; Food and the Like

Hello there!  It’s been quite some time since I posted on this blog.  My last post was back in December, wowza!  Back then I wrote about “Feeding Your Toddler Without Going Nuts”, although truth be told it’s been difficult for me to not go nuts since Paige started eating solids, over a year ago.  Paige is a tiny little thing.  We’ve been trying to beef her up so she can weigh enough to have her adenoids removed (she has to be 22 pounds, completely naked and after fasting for 12 hours!!).  Has anyone experienced a toddler who needed to have his/her adenoids removed??

So, you know how babies are supposed to be “fed on demand”??  We sort of do that with Paige, still.  If she runs to the kitchen and points to the fridge, we feed her.  Some of the time it turns out to just be a ploy to either a) stay up longer or b) do what they are doing on television (you know, when they are eating a banana on Sesame Street, she wants one too!).Food

At her grandma’s house, she enjoys eating on the wooden chest in the dining room, while standing up.

As we continue trying to add weight to Paige, we take advantage of every opportunity we have to feed her.  We try very hard to make sure each calorie is a nourishing calorie, even as we shop at the grocery store (they give out fruit and cheese to the kids!)kids

But I’m not against giving Paige a sweet treat every now and then (and by that I mean every day.  She has a tiny piece of dark chocolate for dessert after dinner each night.  Don’t judge).kids 1

She is a cake fanatic. At this birthday party, she literally followed the person holding the cake until she gave her a piece. That’s my girl.

Generally, she is a very healthy eater.  I am still sure to offer her whole grains, vegetables and protein at each meal.  Some of her favorites;

  • Cooked spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, cucumber, beans and green beans
  • Kiwi, apples, bananas, clementines (although we’ve been holding back on the citrus lately since she tends to get a burning rash from the acidity of those fruits!)
  • Chicken nuggets (Applegate), eggs, ham (nitrate free when possible), tofukids 2

I’d say Paige is off to a great start.  Our next challenge is the adenoid removal, I’m so nervous!  I really think it will help her though.  I’m convinced her sleep isn’t as high quality as it could 3Food 1And next on my to-do list is to get my children’s book published!  I’m hoping to have it ready by Christmas time.  I’ll be doing a preview post relatively soon.  Happy Monday everyone!

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