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FAQ FRIDAY: What Are The Best Apps, etc. for Quick Workouts?

I am a hypocrite. For years I disliked Jillian Michaels because she annoyed the heck out of me when she was on The Biggest Loser (oh, and did you hear she’s coming back this season?!). I didn’t like her because a) I was jealous (yeah, it’s true, how could you not be jealous of someone with a job like that?!) and b) she gave out nutrition information on the show, even though she had (and most likely still has) zero background in nutrition. Maybe she took a few classes about nutrition, here and there, but she’s certainly not a trained and licensed dietitian, or any type of nutritionist. So, yeah, she made me mad. But about two years ago my parents bought her workout DVDsand one day while I was visiting I decided to try one out (I live about 5 minutes away so I pop in often to go on walks with my mom at night). I loved it. Now I have three of her DVDs (and a pilates DVD that I use sometimes in between Jillian workouts).DVDI hated doing her workouts at first, because they were difficult, but I loved them because they were a challenge and my workouts were finished in 30 minutes or less (although I typically follow my videos with an elliptical “run”). Now I’m able to do some of her level 3 and 4 DVDs with ankle weights and 8 pound weights instead of 5. I’m so proud! So yeah, I still don’t like that she gives nutrition advice without the proper background, but I adore her workout videos and her ability to push me until I want to slap her in the face and scream in her ear. It’s wonderful. Although my knee was in bad shape after doing this move (below) too many times, the wrong way. See how Nick’s knee is right above his ankle, and not over his toes? That’s the proper way to do this move, just an FYI.gymI digress.

Do you have some simple workout equipment in your home? Forget the gym pass, and forget having to get into your car and drive anywhere. Instead grab your smart phone and get ready for some great workouts!gym 1We have a few random weights, but mainly 8 and 5 pounders. We also have 2 sets of ankle weights, an ab ball, and a resistance band. These were all purchased at a local used sporting goods store for less than $150.

Other than a good workout DVD, one of my favorite ways to get an effective and quick workout is with a phone app. I like this “Workout Trainer” app picture below. It was free and has upgrades that cost a small sum of money if you choose to use them. So far I haven’t needed the upgrades. If I want the workout to be more difficult I just get heavier weights or do faster reps (or I don’t take the 5 second breaks they often include during the workout).workout apps.The Wall Street Journal wrote this article about a few other popular workout apps. Check it out for some good ideas.

No smart phone? Grab a magazine such as Fitness Magazine. They always have great workouts for you to try (you can also check out their website for some ideas)Fitness MagazineOr you could make up your own mini routines.FitSugarOr check out the variety of great blogs, like Lindsay’s (she’s always posting fantastic workouts that I pin on my “Workouts” Pinterest wall (The Candid RD….check it out!)). Another great site to check out is FitSugar. They post some great routines too, including some effective yoga and pilates workouts.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite workout app? Do you have a strategy for fitting a fast and effective workout into your day?

As the holidays continue to consume our life, remember that it’s not always the food choices we make that keep us from sticking to our health goals, but our lack of exercise. Try to keep up with your exercise routine as much as possible, and fit in quick workouts if that’s all you have time for (I’m about to do a 20-minute power elliptical workout, just because I have to be at work early today, but I want to do something).

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, which will discuss how some dietitians eat during holiday parties. I’ll give you my favorite “party strategy”.

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