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My Last Valentine’s Day As a “Single Lady”

I know I’m not technically single, but I’m also not married, so some might still call me single. Yesterday was my last Valentine’s Day as a single, non-married women (or at least, I hope it was). I wonder if it was also the last Valentine’s Day we will celebrate. I hear all of these stories like, “One you are married, everything changes”….does that mean no more romantic Valentine’s Day candlelight dinners with Nick whispering sweet nothings into my ear?!Valentine’s Day 1

Last night we went to dinner at the place I work. Yes, I work at a supermarket, but for the past two years they have planned a special dinner for Valentine’s Day, and the price and food is unbeatable!Valentine’s Day 2

Here is the menu.Valentine’s Day 3

We received rose wine for the beginning of our meal, and a cabernet and shiraz blend to have with our entree.Valentine’s Day 4

Amuse-Bouche: Cucumber, Crab and CaviarValentine’s Day 5

Appetizer: Pork Tenderloin with Truffled Potato and Sauce Foyot
(This, by the way, was heavenly. The pork was cooked perfectly, and it just melted in my mouth, in a really good way).Valentine’s Day 6

Greens: Carpaccio Mezzaluna with Rolled Greens and Yakima Smoke SaltValentine’s Day 7

Intermezzo: Citrus Sorbet
(See the little citrus garnishes? Those were covered in sugar, and so delicious)Valentine’s Day 8

In between the first part of our meal we had a nice conversation, and drank our wine. Nick couldn’t get enough wine (such a lush). No, I’m kidding, he didn’t even drink the red wine, only the rose. What’s the deal with Italians who don’t drink red wine?! Ok, I guess I’m one of them too, but not because I don’t like it. It just hurts my stomach sometimes. The red wine last night was such a perfect pairing with our meal, and luckily, no stomachache!Valentine’s Day 9Valentine’s Day 10

Nick’s Entree: Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Bacon and Blackberry Jam
(This also came with a little potato pancake, which Nick devoured in two seconds. I tried the beef and it was amazing)Valentine’s Day 11

My Entree: Grilled Tomato Pesto Shrimp with Ohio City Pasta
(My entree was ok. The shrimp were delicious, but the Ohio city pasta was fried and crunchy….not what I expected. It was tasty, that’s for sure, but very difficult to eat with a fork. I was certainly not left hungry though, that’s for sure!)Valentine’s Day 12

Dessert: Brioche/Banana Brulee Over Zabaione and Pop Rocks

(This dessert wasn’t as decadent as last year’s bananas foster, but it was delicious none the less. The best part of the dessert had to be the Pop Rocks! I felt like a child again. I loved it)

So another successful Valentine’s Day has gone by, and as for us not celebrating Valentine’s Day once we are officially married, I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’m not even really into Valentine’s Day, but you better believe I’ll still be expecting some chocolate or a nice meal. In fact, once we’re married I’ll be expecting it even more. Nick has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Muahaha

QUESTION: How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? If you hate it and spent it doing nothing, I want to hear! Trust me, it’s just an excuse to eat chocolate and have good food in my opinion (or watch sappy romantic movies on TV). What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day dessert? I thought I’d ask because I once thought there was no such thing as a delicious V-day dessert that didn’t include chocolate, but I’ve been proven wrong the past couple years (especially last year).

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