Smoothies & Appetizers

Have Pulp? Make Smoothies!

Can you tell what this is?

It’s one of our Orange Juice popsicles dipped in some plain yogurt and whipped cream. This was the perfect late night snack one evening. And as I mentioned in this post, we did not discard our orange juice pulp.As Nick and I become more comfortable with our juicer, we’re beginning to play around with other types of produce, thus producing more pulp! We recently made carrot juice. Half a bag of baby carrots made about 3/4 cups of carrot juice.

And of course the other half of the carrots went directly into the pulp container.

Discard the pulp? Heck no! That’s all the fiber and other important plant nutrients that help fight chronic diseases. So what in the world have we been doing with our pulp?? Adding it to smoothies!

Starting from the bottom we have orange juice pulp, followed by carrot juice pulp, romaine lettuce (yes, romaine!), frozen blueberries, and one whole banana.

Before mixing the smoothie I added unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a dash of V8 Fusion Light.

Question: I know I’ve asked this already, but what are some fun juices you’ve created with or without a juicer? I would like to try some fun creations, but keep in mind I cannot eat apples, mangoes or pears.