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So Many Changes, In Just One Year!

When Nick and I first moved into our house, one year ago in April, the walls were mostly white and the decorations were ugly and boring. One of the first things we did was try to spruce up our bedroom by buying some new bedroom furniture…bedroom furniture 1

and a comforter to add some color.

bedroom furniture 2

Then we painted all rooms and did a few other things to the bedroom (bought new curtains, bought a lamp, bought some pictures of Italy and had them framed, bought a circular mirror, and added some colorful flowers).bedroom furniture 3bedroom furniture 4

When we first moved in our living room was painted some weird shade of green.bedroom furniture 5

Then we painted it yellow.bedroom furniture 6

Then we added a splash of color on the back wall, plus some fun colorful pictures.bedroom furniture 7

Next we are planning on buying a larger television to mount above the fireplace. The picture that is there currently will move to the right, and the television that is there currently will move to our gym (you will see the gym soon, it’s a work-in-progress!).bedroom furniture 8

We recently painted our old, beat up table, which as you can see in the picture above once had a hideous green table cloth on top to cover it up. Now it’s a dark espresso color.bedroom furniture 9

This spring and summer we will finish our workout room (can’t wait to show you!) get a “new” refrigerator from my parents (we’re taking their old one, which is still in very good shape), buy some shag rugs for our bedroom and the living room, and then work on making our yard beautiful and bountiful.

QUESTION: Are you a fan of decorating? I’m definitely becoming a bigger fan everyday. Although I couldn’t have done this all without Joyce, our decorator, I feel so much more confident in my own decorating abilities than ever before!

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