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Let The Gardening Begin!

On the first day of Spring Nick and I took the first step in preparing our garden for the year. Last year the right side of our garden didn’t grow (picture below). We think it was because that side receives less sun than the left side (we’re so smart!).Gardening Begin 1

Because of this we planted the right side crops early this year, indoors (kale, spinach, cantaloupe).Gardening Begin 2

The rest of the seeds will be planted outside later in the Spring.Gardening Begin 3

I hear conflicting information from gardening gurus all the time (for example, some say plant spinach in cold weather, others say don’t…it’s confusing). I decided to order a gardening magazine this year just so we have some reliable information, rather than using word-of-mouth and the internet all the time. Hopefully we receive the first edition soon!Gardening Begin 4

We’re hoping our garden will be more successful this year, since we are starting earlier. Last year we didn’t even move into our house until May, so our garden didn’t get planted until late May, early June…too late! Considering what the garden looked like when we moved in (picture below) I think it was pretty impressive that we were even able to grow anything.Gardening Begin 5

This year Nick is even researching how to grow blueberries. I think that’s going to be more work than he can imagine…Gardening Begin 6

This year we’re also writing everything we do in our “gardening journal”. This way we know when things were planted, we know when they should start to grow, and we can go back to read our notes next year in case we need to make changes or do something the exact same way.Gardening Begin 7

QUESTION: Are you planting a garden this year? What will you grow? If no garden, what’s your favorite produce to buy at the summer farmer’s markets??

I’m most excited about the tomatoes we are growing this year. Last year we didn’t grow tomatoes (what were we thinking?!) so I’m looking forward to some tomato and mozzarella dishes this summer!

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