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Fish, Fish, the Magical Food, the More You Eat……


Yep. It’s true! Studies have shown that low omega-3 levels in plasma and red blood cells are associated with depression, and other research suggests eating fish lowers the risk of depression and suicide (Natural Standards Database).

I love fish, but I do still take fish oil supplements. I actually take the pills, but many people don’t like the pills so they resort to liquids or powders. This powder below is an orange flavored fish oil supplement powder.supplement powder

It even contains 1200 IU vitamin D. That’s a serious bonus.delicious drink

Add some water to it and voila! It’s a delicious drink. Ok, maybe not delicious, but actually not so bad. If you have kids this may be a winner. It reminded me of weak Tang. That sounds gross, but it wasn’t bad, I promise.delicious drink 1When I’m not supplementing my omega-3s, I’m joyfully eating them. I made an “Asian-Inspired Tuna Salad” the other day for a recipe demo at work;

Asian-Inspired Tuna Salad

(serves 2)
Mix all of the following ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl:

6 ounces pouched tuna
3 T Greek yogurt
1.5 t wasabi mustard
1/4 cup chopped cashews
1/4 cup chopped avocado

  • Serve on whole wheat bread
  • Serve with whole wheat crackers
  • Serve on a bed of lettuce or spinach
  • Serve in a hollowed-out pepper, then roast it!

I don’t have any pictures, but it was a huge hit at the store, I promise. People were shocked that I used Greek yogurt instead of mayo, and that it actually tasted good.

At home I love to make medium rare salmon.Fish 1Fish 2Simple Salmon

(Serves 1)

4 ounces skinless wild salmon

2 tsp. extra virgin olive oil

3 cloves garlic, minced

Dash of salt

Lemon wedge (optional)


Place a piece of foil down on a baking pan and spray with non-stick spray. Place the salmon on top of the foil. Top your fresh salmon with the oil and spices (use your hands to get it all rubbed in nicely!). Broil for about 8 minutes for medium rare, or 12 minutes for medium (the timing really depends on the thickness of the salmon). I always prefer my salmon medium rare, especially if I am planning to freeze it and reheat at a later time (reheating will make it medium).spinach salad 2The salmon can be enjoyed on a spinach salad or alone with a side of sauteed veggies. Serve the salmon with the wedge of lemon for extra flavor if desired.

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