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Breaking In the Le Creuset, and Starting a New Business

I just finished creating Nick’s birthday gifts; a batch of blueberry ice cream/frozen yogurt, and a batch of my homemade granola, with peanut butter chips added. He’s so easy to please! He’s been reminding me non-stop that for his birthday he just has to have those two foods. He’s playing poker tonight so it was the perfect opportunity to prepare these foods (he turns 32 tomorrow!!!).

If you’re wondering why I didn’t provide the link to my granola, I’ve decided I want to start selling it, so I deleted the recipe from my blog. I found out that a local grocery store will sell homemade goods so I’ve been spending some time perfecting my recipe and determining an appropriate selling price.

Would you pay $6 for 5 cups of delicious, homemade, low sugar, high protein, 100% whole grain, peanut and wheat-free granola? Be honest.wheat free granolaWhen I haven’t been working, preparing for birthdays, blogging, or thinking of an appropriate marketing plan for my granola, I have been managing to use some of my new kitchen gadgets. I’ll share my walnut butter with you soon (I finally used my new food processor), but tonight I want to share with you my first creation using my new Le Creuset pan!Le Creuset 1I decided to create my favorite side dish; kale with tomatoes.

I always buy the canned tomatoes with no added sugar. The salt content is also very low (under 35 mg per can).canned tomatoesI added a large bag of fresh kale, then topped it with the entire can of crushed tomatoes.

(**Compared to fresh, canned tomatoes are actually a better source of the powerful antioxidant lycopene because cooking the tomatoes helps you absorb more of the lycopene!**)canned tomatoes 1
I put the lid on the Le Creuset and turned the heat to medium, then cooked the kale/tomatoes for about 7 minutes (I stirred the mixture a few times during that 7 minutes).cooking 1So simple! I promise I’ll do something more amazing the next time I use it. I’ll be honest though, I have not been cooking much. I never feel like making elaborate meals when I get home from work. I always make something but lately it’s been a lot of eggs, large salads, and stir-fries.

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