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Popsicles, Salad, and PUMPKIN!!!

Yesterday was the most difficult day I have had in a very long time. I was hoping to hear about my job, but I didn’t. I sat by the phone and my computer all day, literally (because I had nothing else to do…..) and nothing happened. No call, no e-mail. I was told I would hear by today, but it’s just not looking good for me. I’m assuming I didn’t get the job, so I’m back on the hunt for another

Despite my long, torturous day yesterday, one good thing did happen. Check it out! I scored 4 large cans of PUMPKIN!! I met up with someone yesterday who reads my blog and she brought these to me because she had read my sad posts about missing my canned pumpkin (she had some left over from when they actually existed in stores!). Thanks Meloni!! I will be enjoying these for at least the next month, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m planning on making some pumpkin oats right after I hit “Publish”.Popsicles Salad 1

In more food news, I’ve been making a lot of popsicles lately (you may have noticed….). I think I really like these because they are already portioned and ready to be served and consumed. Two nights ago I made my simple vanilla fro yo recipe, and added unsweetened cocoa powder, crushed graham crackers, and chunks of chocolate. Before putting the batch in the freezer to harden, I added some to my popsicle molds.Popsicles Salad 2

As you can see I didn’t even fill the molds. I thought I would make smaller ones! I had also added frozen blueberries to the bottom (see below).Popsicles Salad 3

Final product: DELICIOUSPopsicles Salad 4

Here’s the fro yo. Check out the chunks of graham cracker and chocolate! All I need to do next is add some marshmallows and make S’more fro yo.Popsicles Salad 5

Aside from my serious fro yo addiction (actually our serious fro yo addiction) I’ve been making a lot of salads lately. I tend to go through a salad faze during this time of the year (soup in winter, salad in spring/summer). I first marinated some salmon in low sodium soy sauce and raspberry vinaigrette. Then I cooked the salmon on a skillet on top of the stove. Next I created my very simple salad; romaine lettuce and slices of kiwi.Popsicles Salad 6

I then added the salmon on top and topped the salad with even more raspberry vinaigrette. On top of that I crushed some black pepper (a must on all of my salads). Perfection!

Coming Up

Monday I will post another video blog. This time I will be talking about how to choose a good granola! Hopefully I will also have a job update for you. It may be sad

Is anyone going to graduation parties this weekend? We have one tonight. It should take my mind off of this whole job thing for a couple hours. Hopefully.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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