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Our Own Farmer’s Market

Since the last time I posted about our garden (aka “The Forster Farmer’s Market”) we’ve been busy working to get it finished. After tilling all of the dirt we added pebbles for drainage purposes. We only added a very thin layer, barely enough to cover every square inch.Farmer%E2%80%99s 1

Then we opened the bags of topsoil, which I thought looked a lot like a giant brownie. Doesn’t it? I wanted to eat it but Nick wouldn’t allow me to. hahaFarmer%E2%80%99s 2

We added one layer….Farmer%E2%80%99s 3

Then another layer….Farmer%E2%80%99s 4

And then we added the Organic Gardening Soil.Farmer%E2%80%99s 5Farmer%E2%80%99s 6

Last, but certainly NOT least, we planted our seeds! We recorded each fruit and vegetable with a permanent marker on our fence. We hadn’t thought to buy any tags to mark which row contained which seeds, so the permanent marker was our best bet. I think it’ll work just fine.Farmer%E2%80%99s 7

We planted winter squash, pumpkins, cantaloupe, bell peppers, cilantro, broccoli, kale, and spinach. Yeah, we are going to have a TON of food!! This is why we are calling it a Farmer’s Market. I just know we’ll be selling (well, giving away!) some goods in the future.

On the side of our house we planted some herbs. We didn’t plant these in our garden because we planted them before our garden was ready. They were about to die and they needed planted ASAP.Farmer%E2%80%99s 8

Garlic chives, English thyme, and common sage

I recently made another batch of my summer/spring salsa, but this time I added some fresh grown Ohio corn! I can’t get enough of it. Do you like corn on the cob? I do. Nick hates that is gets stuck in his teeth, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m not deathly afraid of FLOSS like he is….Farmer%E2%80%99s 9

We’ve been making some fires in our fire pit lately. Clearly we need a new one because this one is cracked, but it still works and we’re loving it. Each night we just sit by the fire and drink one of our favorite wheat beers; Paulaner (I can drink wheat in the form of beer because it’s already fermented, therefore it won’t ferment again in my intestines and cause gas and bloating). With Nick’s new job he is not working nights as often as he used to. I really love it. Now all I need is a job of my own I’m supposed to hear about my job by Saturday.Farmer%E2%80%99s 10

Coming Up

On Saturday I will be posting a job update. By that time I will have heard about my job (good or bad) and I plan on spilling the beans about what the job is, and hopefully all the good details. I will also post a new summer/spring salad.

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great end of the week.

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