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Tuna Confusion and a New House

Thanks for your comments on my last post, about mercury in fish. A couple of you brought up some great points:

Melinda mentioned that it’s also important to know the signs of mercury toxicity. One of the most common signs, she said, is confusion. Thanks, Melinda! That is great information. Don’t get too paranoid though, some confusion is normal. You will know when someone is confused to the point that it’s not normal.

A couple of you mentioned that light canned tuna is low in mercury too (actually it has the lowest amount of mercury of all canned tunas). The problem with light canned tuna is that it’s also low in EPA/DHA (the essential fatty acids), which is why I didn’t mention it.

Bottom Line: Light canned tuna has the lowest amount of mercury out of all the canned tunas. Albacore also has a low amount (check out this website for more information), plus it has the added benefit of lots of EPA/DHA. The health benefits do outweigh the risks! If you are pregnant, however, I would stick to light canned tuna, and take a fish oil supplement that is high quality.

Picking a House…

The past couple of months have been filled with searching for a new house. Yes, it’s true that Nick and I have yet to get married (or engaged for that matter) but we know we will eventually, and with the $8,000 stimulus ending in April, now is the time to buy! We have decided to choose “location” over “square-footage”. What that means is that we will be moving to a very nice area, where you basically get much less house/land for the price. To us, it’s worth it. We love the area, and the school system is fantastic (we’re really looking to the future!).

Which do you like better? This one…..New House 1

Or this one?New House 2
I won’t tell you which one I like better, but I want your honest opinion! I think we already know which one we are going to end up with unless of course, the inspection doesn’t go as planned. Even if I don’t get the house I really wanted, both of these houses will be fantastic for our first home. I’m so excited!

Coming Up

Tomorrow I will be doing a random post about a couple of TV shows that focus on nutrition. No, not the Biggest Loser, I’m officially over that show.

Have a great day everyone, and thanks for reading!

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