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Christmas Cheer and Clean Eating

On Monday night Nick and I listened to Christmas music, drank hot cocoa, and put up our fake tree. Yeah, you read that correctly, FAKE! This was our first year doing fake, but our apartment won’t let us have a real tree We were both pretty disappointed, but we figured fake is better than nothing at all.Christmas CheerChristmas Cheer 1

Here are some of our favorite ornaments…..Christmas Cheer 3Christmas Cheer 2Of course we have OSU Buckeye ornaments, and some other fun ones from vacations and family friends.Christmas Cheer 4Christmas Cheer 5I love this one, it’s Santa on a gondola in Italy. My father and his mother are from the same part of Italy, and her maiden name is Casa, while my last name is Casagrande!Christmas Cheer 6Finished product! This tree is currently packed with tons of gifts, all from me. Nick works a lot more so he does all his shopping at the last minute. Not me!Christmas Cheer 7What is Clean Eating?
Source: Today’s Dietitian Magazine

– Main principles focus on choosing whole fruits and vegetables, in their natural state, and also lean meat, fish, and poultry; beans and legumes; low fat dairy products; and whole grains from a variety of food sources.
My thoughts: This just sounds like a healthy diet plan to me, no? I think most “clean eaters” don’t eat frozen vegetables. I couldn’t live without my frozen veggies. Who says frozen vegetables are any less clean than fresh anyway? They are just boiled, blanched, froze, and put into a bag!fruits and vegetables– Meals are high in fiber, low in fat, calories, and sugar
My thoughts: again, isn’t this just eating healthy?

– Some off limit ingredients include high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, margarines, trans fat, artificial colors and flavors, and unnecessary food additives such as salt, sugar and corn syrup.
My thoughts: I hate the words “off limit” when it comes to food. This is when I would get in trouble. When I was anorexic, many foods were “off limit”, but then when I brought them back into my life I couldn’t get enough! Secretly I wanted them so bad. Now I know how to choose those “off limit” foods in moderation, and enjoy them when I want to! Plus, how fun is it to live life knowing that you can’t eat any food with added salt or sugar? No going out to eat for you!

Give up having a piece of this every once in a while? No thanks.Clean eating– Clean eating does not permit fried foods or foods that are covered in olive oil, honey, or salt
My thoughts: Same as above, the “off limit” thing just doesn’t appeal to me. If I want to get a side of fries with my sandwich every once in a while, I will.

What’s wrong with eating a salty restaurant meal every once in a while? I gave myself props on this particular night out, for ordering fish and having a vegetable with my meal. It was salty, but a much better choice than some of the other options.Clean eating 1– Clean eaters usually eat frequent meals, dividing them into five or six daily occasions.
My thoughts: I think this is a great strategy. This prevents people from eating too much at one time, which can have a negative effect on hormones, bloating, and mood in my opinion.Delicious Food– The clean eating philosophy maintains that regular physical activity, about 5-6 times per week, is necessary.
My thoughts: Obviously I can’t argue with this one

There are many benefits of clean eating, says the article, such as environmental benefits, saving money (buying fresh can be much cheaper than those processed, pre-cooked, packaged foods), focusing on quality rather than quantity, and improvements in health. But I’m not sold on the “Clean Eating” philosophy. I think many of the ideas behind it are great, but personally I don’t want to have to think that much about my food choices. I already read the labels fairly closely and pay a lot of attention to what I put in my mouth, but I think this is somewhat extreme. I like my frozen vegetables and canned soups on occasion! And, who could give up fried food 100%? Who would want to do that? Not me!

What are your thoughts on clean eating? Would you stick to such a strict regimen, or would you rather do what I do and try to eat healthy and “Clean” as much as you can, but not let rules hold you back all the time?

Special thanks to the Foodie over at Fab and Delicious Food for my giveaway prize! I am planning on being nice and stress-free from the spa package I received. Also, thanks to Rebecca of Chow and Chatter for my blog award

Stay tuned for my next post, which of course will be my LAST Biggest Loser review of the season. Did you watch?! Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great day!

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