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How To Even Tell The Sex of Cannabis Seeds Just By Looking At Them?

Of all the things that can trip growers, determining the gender of marijuana is perhaps the most difficult thing to do. The gender of the plant is very important, as breeders usually target female plants that produce giant THC-coated buds. Or the medical relief that CBD strains provide.

With such contrasting effects of male and female plants, it’s easy to see the importance of plant gender. But what if growers didn’t have to wait for plant sex?

It would certainly make life easier, but is looking at cannabis seeds for sale gender even possible?

This article will tell you all about it. So read on!

Can you determine the gender of cannabis seeds?

This is a very hot question online these days. After a quick search, growers can find several charts and instructions on how to sex cannabis seeds.

Unfortunately, there is not much truth in either of these interpretations. It’s impossible to determine the sex of a cannabis seed just by looking at it. If it were that easy, feminized marijuana seeds wouldn’t be as popular as they are now. People could buy regular seeds and see for themselves. (Others also just rather buy cannabis from a dispensary such as because it is just easier to do so).

Normally, marijuana plants cannot determine the sex until they start growing. Cannabis seeds look somewhat similar, and so do the plants in their vegetative stages. Gender is very clearly indicated once the plant enters the flowering stage. Although it would be far more convenient for breeders to be able to determine the sex before this point…the sad truth is that is not possible.

So where did all the myths about mail order cannabis seed gender come from?

Common Myths About Cannabis Seed Gender Identification

One of his biggest myths about cannabis seed gender comes from a popular online chart. The table states that you can determine the gender just by looking at a cannabis seed. 5 cannabis seeds are shown within the chart. Three of them are female and two are male. This diagram directs you to look for craters at the bottom of the seed. This explains the perfect roundness of the female hollow. Males have irregular and uneven craters. But this is simply not true. Cannabis seed craters have nothing to do with the seed’s gender.

Breeders are unable to tell the sex of a seed, but does the environment have a role? Another topic that is extensively debated online is this.

Does The Environment Affect Sex of Cannabis Seeds?

We know that it is impossible to determine the gender of cannabis seeds. However, it is unclear whether environmental factors have a place in determining the sex of marijuana plants.

The relationship between a plant’s environment and gender is a subject of ongoing research. Numerous research demonstrate that a species’ sex is influenced by its environment, despite some studies showing the opposite. The same study also claims that changing a plant’s gender with chemicals is possible. While environmental conditions don’t always affect the sex of marijuana seeds or plants, some circumstances have been shown to alter plant sex.

This mainly occurs when the plant is stressed by the environment. When this happens, the plant may think it is going to die and, as a result, turn into a hermaphroditic plant.This way it can pollinate itself and survive.

Growers are aware that hermaphrodite plants can harm crops just as much as male plants. Consequently, it is crucial for all marijuana gardeners to recognise the gender of their plants, especially if they do not use feminised marijuana seeds, which are only produced by females.

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