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How Much Chick Fil A Pay/ How Much Chick Fil A Employees Get Paid?

The Chick-fil-A Corporation is a fast-food restaurant chain headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia area. It was founded in 1946 by S. Truett Cathy. As of December 2013, Chick-fil-A operates 1,956 locations in 38 U.S. states and Washington D.C.[1] The company’s menu specializes in chicken sandwiches and offers waffle fries and milkshakes as side items. Chick-fil-A has been closed on Sundays since its founding to allow employees time to rest and attend church if they choose. 

In the fiscal year 2013, Chick-fil-A generated system wide sales of $5.08 billion, making it the second largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the United States behind KFC. In November 2014, Chick-fil-A was ranked first overall for customer satisfaction among limited service restaurants by The American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Chick-fil-A is known for its generous pay and benefits package which includes competitive wages, flexible hours, annual bonus opportunities, and paid vacation time. 

How much money do chick fil a workers make?

Chick-fil-A is a very popular chicken restaurant that you will find all over the United States. They have been in business for over six decades, and they are not only known for their delicious chicken sandwiches and other products, but also for how much money Chick-fil-A workers make. In fact, the entire industry has taken notice of the success of the Chick-fil-A chain (which began in 1946). Chick-fil-A is known for its promising employee benefits. One of Chick-fil-A’s core business strategies is to ensure that its workforce is treated well. One of the chain’s most potent sources of positive press over the years has been employees who have taken great care of customers.

Chick-fil-A employees earn an average yearly salary of $23,079. However, different positions can command different wages, such as management trainee, business analyst, restaurant assistant manager, and co-manager. Chick-fil-A employees spend time providing client service to customers through the drive-through window for a fast paced food chain. Some other employees may work on the other side of the counter to assist in the preparation of food.

How much does Chick-fil-A in the United States pay per hour?

Chick-fil-A, Inc. pays its employees an average of $14 per hour. Hourly pay at Chick-fil-A, Inc. ranges from an average of $9.72 to $19.77 an hour. The chick fill A average salary per year is $27,300. 

What benefits do Chick-fil-A employees get?

Benefits eligibility is dependent on the type of employment, not just the number of hours. We offer our full-time employees 100% employer-covered benefits. The company offers all eligible employees 100% employer-covered health, dental, and vision benefits, as well as paid time off and other perks. We offer a variety of benefits for full-time and part-time employees. If you are a part-time employee, you get EAP (Employee Assistance Program) to help you in many ways like getting health advice, family help, and more. Full-time employees get free coverage for their medical, dental, and vision care. 

How much does chick fil a pay 15 year olds?  

When it comes to teenagers chick fill a is hiring 16 years old. However, some branches are hiring 15 or 14 years guys. Generally, a student’s salary at chick fill a is $11 per hour. The average student salary at chick fill a is between $8 to 17$ per hour.

Job TitleRangeAverage
General Manager, Restaurant$38k – $78k$54,828
Director of Operations$36k – $101k$60,895
Training Director$33k – $83k (Estimated *)$60,895
Restaurant Manager$32k – $57k (Estimated *)$43,970
Kitchen Manager$37k – $61k (Estimated *)$48,410
Software Engineer $53k – $91k (Estimated *)$48,410
Network Engineer $53k – $91k (Estimated *)$48,410
Job TitleRangeAverage
Human Resources (HR) Generalist$43k – $72k (Estimated *)$55,921
Human Resources (HR) Assistant$27k – $45k (Estimated *)$34,946
Operations Manager$53k – $122k (Estimated *)$81,263
Senior Data Analyst$69k – $121k (Estimated *)$92,050
Executive Director$51k – $173k (Estimated *)$93,812
Lead Software Development Engineer (SDE)$118k – $195k (Estimated *)$155,598
Accountant$39k – $65k (Estimated *)$51,500
Job TitleRangeAverage
Sr. Administrative Assistant$40k – $65k (Estimated *)$50,813
Support Analyst, Information Technology (IT)$39k – $61k (Estimated *)$48,789
Supply Chain Manager$50k – $93k (Estimated *)$70,179
Operations Director$37k – $90k (Estimated *)$57,920
Store Owner / Operator$37k – $90k (Estimated *)$94,116
Staff Accountant$37k – $90k (Estimated *)$50,558
Personal Assistant$37k – $90k (Estimated *)$35,955
Job TitleRangeAverage
Project Coordinator, Information Technology (IT)$33k – $57k (Estimated *)$43,094
Project Manager, Operations$36k – $67k (Estimated *)$49,113
Public Relations (PR) Manager$64k – $129k (Estimated *)$92,949
Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer$48k – $87k (Estimated *)$65,770
Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer$49k – $86k (Estimated *)$66,209
Restaurant Supervisor$21k – $56k (Estimated *)$34,332
Retail Store Manager$41k – $78k (Estimated *)$56,895
Job TitleRangeAverage
Small Business Owner$56k – $184k (Estimated *)$99,431
Marketing Associate$30k – $52k (Estimated *)$39,737
Six Sigma Black Belt Project Manager$71k – $157k (Estimated *)$105,812
Senior Project Manager (Unspecified Type / General)$78k – $132k (Estimated *)$103,516
Senior Project Manager, Construction$65k – $113k (Estimated *)$86,327
Senior Systems Analyst$67k – $116k (Estimated *)$90,022
Service Desk Analyst$26k – $43k (Estimated *)$34,128
Job TitleRangeAverage
Server$20k – $67k (Estimated *)$38,043
Information Technology (IT) Director$119k – $216k (Estimated *)$162,372
Systems Administrator$33k – $67k (Estimated *)$47,381
Administrative Director$34k – $72k (Estimated *)$49,056
Assistant Manager$41k – $74k (Estimated *)$55,103
Assistant Manager, Fast Food$35k – $64k (Estimated *)$45,441
Assistant Restaurant Manager$29k – $50k (Estimated *)$38,545
Job TitleRangeAverage
Assistant Store Manager$32k – $60k (Estimated *)$44,559
Associate Director, Sales and Marketing$34k – $60k (Estimated *)$45,415
Business Analyst (Unspecified Type)$41k – $72k (Estimated *)$54,946
Business Development Director$37k – $88k (Estimated *)$58,468
Business Intelligence (BI) Developer$59k – $98k (Estimated *)$76,350
Community Relations Manager$32k – $59k (Estimated *)$43,719
Compensation Manager$86k – $122k (Estimated *)$104,222
Job TitleRangeAverage
Customer Service Associate$22k – $48k (Estimated *)$32,117
Data Analyst$44k – $79k (Estimated *)$59,246
Director of Human Resources (HR)$53k – $100k (Estimated *)$73,681
Facilities Director$45k – $113k (Estimated *)$72,132
Facilities Manager$45k – $92k (Estimated *)$64,805
Fast Food Manager$33k – $83k (Estimated *)$50,869
Fast Food Worker$13k – $25k (Estimated *)$17,843
Job TitleRangeAverage
Financial Accounting Manager$85k – $161k (Estimated *)$116,928
Financial Consultant$60k – $121k (Estimated *)$86,372
Food Safety Director$33k – $72k (Estimated *)$49,160
Food Service Manager$29k – $52k (Estimated *)$39,009
General / Operations Manager$44k – $94k (Estimated *)$64,233
General Manager$38k – $68k (Estimated *)$50,805
Human Resources (HR) Director$39k – $73k (Estimated *)$53,542
Job TitleRangeAverage
Lead Business Analyst$83k – $134k (Estimated *) $108,923
Account Specialist$57k – $559k (Estimated *)$111,050

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