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Hooters vs. Buffalo Wild Wings: Which One Wins Today?

Finally, it’s time for and your guy friends to get rid of the cabin fever and really have some fun! For most guys, that means cold bear with wings to much on, along with some testosterone-laden entertainment. It may be as simple as people-watching (especially with nice-looking servers, or you guys can just go into a sports-bar and enjoy the games.

All of which leads you guys to either Hooters or Buffalo Wild Wings. Now that you’re all congregating for a night out, where exactly do you go? To make an informed choice between Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings, here are some pertinent data you ought to consider:

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The Vibes

If you’re looking for a place that’s not exactly “family-friendly” (like Disneyland), then it’s just natural if you immediately thought about Hooters. It’s a famous brand, but some call it notorious for starting the whole breastaurant dining category.

For plenty of guys, there’s nothing to complain about when they’re served by pretty ladies in short shorts and low-cut tank tops. It’s not exactly politically correct in these “woke” times, and in fact, there was a drive to turn Hooters into a family-friendly restaurant. But that didn’t really work…

All in all, it’s always about the ladies. They’re friendly and bubbly, and many of them will even strike up conversations with your group. It’s quite an upbeat place.

Still, if you’re feeling guilty about ogling the servers, there are always the TV screens to focus on, where some game is usually shown live. Or, you can always enjoy sharing stories and jokes with your friends, right?

On the other hand, for Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s really more about the games shown. In fact, a few years ago the chain even implemented a new layout that offered a more authentic stadium experience. So, it was like going to a sports stadium but without the scalper’s atrociously high ticket prices. In fact, Buffalo Wild Wings prices are even cheaper than Hooters.

Over the years, the bar area became more prominent, while the video screens became almost large enough to compare with the ones in arenas. But it’s all about the sports, and for the guys that’s always important too, especially when the playoffs come around.

The Wings

Despite the markedly different vibes inside Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings, both brands like to boast about the range and quality of the wings options. And they’re both justifiable in their boasting.

Hooters are proud of how they make all their wings fresh each day. You can go with Boneless or Bone-in, depending on your personal preference and philosophy. Some guys opt for the Daytona Style, when you sauce the wings and then put them back on the grill for a bit more sizzle. The wings can be wrapped in bacon, for some real meaty goodness. Some (but not all) Hooters locations even have smokers for Smoked Wings. You can have your wings breaded, or they can be naked.

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