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Making Fine Sashimi Singapore Meals

If you have actually ever had truly exemplary sashimi Singapore meals, you can perceive the distinction in the fish. Sashimi includes crisp and also top quality fish that is risk-free (and also scrumptious) to consume uncooked, as well as if you’re intending on making your own sashimi, it’s important to locate fish of similar quality.

Finest Quality Fish Make the Cut

Just the best quality fish obtain the distinction of being named sushi quality fish. Many fish are graded on a range, as well as fish that get a Grade 1, the best grade possible, can be offered as sushi grade fish.

Touch and also Smell the Fish

Fresh fish should smell like the sea as well as should not be half-cracked or fleshy to the touch. If the fish scents decayed or decrepit, or it is extremely flaky as well as soft, go with a different fish.

Parts of the fish

Another reason for the high price of sashimi meals is the precise parts of fish that is used for preparation. A skilled sashimi chef knows that the locations from which the fish is sliced from can produce vastly different results. Be it taste, fattiness or texture, the meal can taste completely different depending on the choice of parts. It should also be mentioned that different parts and the density of their cut require different temperatures in storage.


If you cook at home and have cut or slice fish before, then you may be wondering what makes pro sashimi work so valuable. The truth is, there is a huge difference in the quality of cuts you made as opposed to the professional chef. This difference becomes apparent when comparing the taste and texture of sashimi made between a novice and a master.

Making sashimi requires skill, precision, as well as time. Actually, in Japan, being a sashimi cook is a distinction and also takes years to master the skills necessary. I love restaurants that have their sushi cooks because the consumers so I can see them do their thing. Because of the skill as well as perseverance needed, restaurants can bill more for the service.

Sashimi preparation

There’s an artistry to carving the fish beautifully that’s greater than making a straightforward cut to the fish body. Anyone can chop a fish, but solely via instruction can a chef learn to be ready to slice in a particular fashion with the knife.

A sashimi chef starts by slicing the chosen fish into even widths of sashimi. This is a much harder task than it sounds due to the texture of composition of fish. Limited pressure can be applied by the chef on fish as the soft and intricate meat may be damaged in the process. Furthermore, different types of fish require different expertise from the sashimi chef as their body composition differs.

In the beginning it could look really easy when the chef shows slashing the pieces uniformly. Nonetheless, it’s super tough to do such specific dimensions with the knife chopping at elevated speed or trying to estimate.

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