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Cooking With Freeze Dried Fruit: A Basic Guide

Freeze dried fruit is a tasty way of nourishing your body with important vitamins and nutrients, but did you know that you can cook with it? That’s right! There’s no shortage of recipes out there that call for different types of freeze dried fruit, and each of the dishes is wildly nutritional and delicious.

Whether you’re baking with freeze dried fruit or using it to add some flair to a savory dinner meal, there are many ways you can reap the health benefits of this type of fruit.

Are you interested in learning how to cook with freeze dried fruit? Here, we’re going to teach you the basics so that you can wow your taste buds while also nourishing your body. Just keep on reading to become a master!

Popular Freeze Dried Fruits to Cook With

Before you start to whip up something in the kitchen, it’s important to know what kind of freeze dried fruits work best with cooking. We’ve listed the tastiest and most commonly-used freeze dried fruits below:

Each of these fruits offers different amounts of your daily nutritional needs, and each of them can add a unique flavor to your bakery item or meal. It all just depends on what the recipe you’ve chosen calls for!

How to Prepare Freeze Dried Fruit for Cooking

Preparing your freeze dried fruits for cooking is actually very simple! Since you’ll need to rehydrate your fruit, you’ll need to place the fruit in a small bowl and pour water over them. Only use enough water to create a shallow “pool” at the bottom, because if you over-hydrate the fruit it will lose some of its nutritional value and become soggy.

Stir the fruit in the water every two to three minutes until they look fresh and rejuvenated. Then, you’re ready to add them to your dish in whichever way your recipe calls!

Recipes With Freeze Dried Fruits

From jams and jellies to delicious sweet treats, there are many different types of recipes that call for freeze dried fruits.

These mouth-watering strawberry chocolate chip cookies are the perfect dessert to offer guests or serve at a birthday party. This recipe puts an unforgettable twist on classic chocolate chip cookies, and what’s more, the freeze dried strawberries are nutritious.

Don’t be fooled, however. Freeze dried fruits aren’t only limited to sweet treats; they’re often used to create savory glazes for hams, bacon, and other meats. This raspberry ham glaze is the perfect combination of savory and sweet.

Freeze dried fruit is also commonly used to make healthy smoothies and shakes, and there are thousands of recipes out there for you to choose from.

Reap the Benefits of Freeze Dried Fruit

Freeze dried fruits add more than just a burst of incredible flavor to your dishes. They also help to nourish your body and mind with valuable nutrients and vitamins which will leave you to feel happier and healthier. Now that you’re aware of the basics when it comes to cooking with freeze dried fruit, you can head into the kitchen!

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