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9 Super Awesome Foods to Gain Strong Bones

A healthy and balanced diet is key for building strong bones and maintaining them throughout your life. If you don’t maintain a healthy diet, you might feel less energetic in the later years of your life or you might need to see a dentist for your teeth and that’s when it becomes more important to take time to explore different options and decide on the right dentist. But what if you don’t have to see a doctor for your bones or a dentist for your teeth? You can do some effort to strengthen your bones from an early age, you need plenty of calcium and your body can absorb calcium with the help of Vitamin D.

Poor bone health gives rise to various health conditions such as osteoporosis and rickets and also increases the risk of broken bones from a fall later in your life. No one wants to deal with such problems and the best way to avoid them is to consume foods that can aid in developing strong bones. Listed below are the best foods you can eat for strengthening your bones:


Exposure to sunlight provides people with plenty of Vitamin D, but there are also certain foods such as yogurt that are fortified with it. Eating one cup of yogurt on a daily basis is the best way to get your fill of calcium.


Since we were kids, we have had to hear that milk is good for our health because it is deemed to be the poster child for calcium. Three glasses of fat-free milk can offer you your daily dose of calcium and Vitamin D.


Yes, cheese is full of calcium, but this doesn’t mean that you eat it excessively. Remember to eat cheese in moderation and not more than 1.5 ounces. Also, it doesn’t contain a lot of Vitamin D so that you will have to get from elsewhere.


Often found in cans, sardines are tiny fish that are surprisingly high in both Vitamin D and calcium. Even though they look a little odd, this kind of fish has a savory taste, which can be downright delicious when used in salads and pastas.


Yes, salmon is quite renowned because it contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids that are healthy for the heart. However, a three-ounce piece of salmon can provide you with almost 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin D. So, you should eat salmon for your bones and for your heart.


If you don’t eat dairy products or are lactose intolerant, you can always go with spinach for boosting your bone health. 25% of your daily calcium needs can be met with just one cup of spinach and it also contains Vitamin A, fiber and iron.


Another fatty fish that you can eat for getting your regular dose of Vitamin D is tuna. You can get 39% of your daily dose with just three ounces and it can also give you the calcium you are after.

Fortified Foods

There are some store bought foods like some cereals and orange juice that contain lots of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D and calcium. You can check the labels to ensure what you are buying will help in building bones.

Collard Greens

Similar to spinach, collard greens are loaded with calcium and can provide you with 1/4th of your daily dose. They can also be eaten with your favorite foods.

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