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5 Rules of Healthy Nutrition for Freelancers

When most people start working as freelancers, they fail to grasp the importance of eating healthy. They often grab snacks from their refrigerators and wash them down with a soda. Soon, however, they discover that they are not getting a lot done, in addition to packing on the pounds. Therefore, it is important to conduct some research on health writing jobs and healthy nutrition for freelancers.

In her book titled How Being a Freelancer Affects Your Health, Abby says that her yoga sessions and regular climbing fell by the wayside and junk food became her best friend. Sometimes, she even skipped proper/healthy meals altogether in order to meet her deadlines.

The freelancing lifestyle leaves little time for preparing healthy meals because freelancers often have less than 15 minutes to put a proper meal together. Fortunately, by following the 5 rules of healthy nutrition for freelancers outlined below, you will be able to prepare snacks and simple meals that will energize and keep you healthy, rather than make you feel sleepy, overstuffed, or tired.

  1. Take Responsibility

Due to the irregular schedules, long hours, extreme stress, overwhelming isolation, and crazy deadlines, the freelance lifestyle can be harmful to good health. Freelancers often find themselves gorging on junk food, which leads to feelings of tremendous guilt because they just do not know why they do not feel good.

Therefore, freelancers need to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing to capitalize on their earning potential. Even on a personal level, healthy nutrition makes sense. Freelancers should do everything possible to minimize the negative impacts of their work, instead of working themselves into an early grave.

  1. Grab Healthy Foods

Takeout food is extremely tempting for freelancers; unfortunately, due to its high sodium content, it is not good for one’s bloat and blood pressure. This does not mean that freelancers should avoid pizza night. Rather, they should avoid ordering pizza every night. They should stock their refrigerators with healthy foods to keep from binging on fast food to the extreme. It always helps to have healthy snacks and meals on hand.

  1. Have a Healthy Food List

It helps to have a healthy food list or nutrition list ready for whenever one is feeling like one is slipping into unhealthy eating habits. The best thing about a healthy food list is that everyone has a different list, which means that one can include foods that one loves.

  1. Hydrate

Due to their pressing schedules, freelancers often forget to drink enough water. Consequently, they find themselves experiencing migraines that prevent them from working for several hours. Hydration plays a critical part in maintaining a freelancer’s positive mood, cognitive function, and energy levels, all of which are important for a successful freelancing career.

  1. Keep a Healthy Eating Schedule

Sometimes, freelancers are so busy that they get to the point where they are starving. It is impossible to do any meaningful work when one is starving. They can avoid this by keeping a proper eating schedule, which means taking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If there is a gap of more than 6 hours between meals, they should eat a healthy snack to maintain their energy levels.

Everyone tends to think that freelancers do what they want, where they want, and when they want. However, freelancing is not as simple as that. One of the most important assets freelancers possess is their good health. People doing the normal 9am to 5pm jobs can take sick days and still get their paychecks. Freelancers, however, need to work in order to earn an income.

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