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Lowell is for Lovers: Hemp, CBD, & Love

Over the last twenty years, cannabis has made a gradual, yet fruitful evolution into the market colossus it is today. As time has passed and politicians mind sets have shifted, a handful of American states have legalized recreational use. Now that California. Nevada. Oregon, and California have decriminalized it, there is a plethora of innovative projects and start-ups revolving around the limitless potential of the plant. Indeed, there is no shortage of weed accessories, but there is one commodity that has the possibility to be an American landmark—a weed cafe. Located in West Hollywood, California, Lowell Cafe is quickly becoming a pillar of the community in WeHo. The brand new weed cafe is owned and operated by Lowell Farms. Now that you are briefly acquainted with Lowell and friends, let me give you an in-depth, thorough analysis of Lowell Cafe.

Lowell Farms: A Brief History

To be in the presence of success—to spectate and compare yourself to that success is the equivalent of playing a good ole’ fashion game of Russian Roulette. However, we often end up asking ourselves, “Now, how in the world did they get to that point?” On the surface, it seems like it just came to them, but as the layers of the onion are slowly peeled, we learn that the Lowell name became an internationally renowned establishment by a period of time that contained an excruciatingly exhausting work load.

Lowell first caught the attention of the industry by gaining the respect and trust of the customers by being one of the most desirable pre-roll brands. Things began to accelerate—super bowl ads, hosting community gatherings, and also begin the journey into the worlds of culinary a retail!

The Kitchen in the Weed Cafe

After pondering the immense significance of the Lowell brand’s past, present, and future, it seems that it is time to give you tan skinny on the kitchen. Many people do not know this, but all of our deliciously crafted items are curated and cooked by none other than Andrea Drummer. This Chef is known for her avant-garde approach the culinary arts and sciences—application of marijuana.

Meet the Products

In addition to the prosperity of this weed cafe, the people over at Lowell have some more good news. We have the initial Lowell Farms hemp flower as well as an extravagantly popular line of cannabis trinkets and CBD items. Just so we are all on the same page, Lowell Farms wants to personally inform you that all of the hemp flower that is harvested and consumed is natural, organic. Our product will also be pesticide-free

One detail that is so strangely crucial to this enterprise known as Lowell Farms is the luxury of variety. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have been cursed with the option to have no other options. Whether you are trying to educate yourself on marijuana culture or attempting to be a human, here at Lowell, we sincerely wish you the best in all of your endeavors. Thank you so much your time and patience today.

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