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It is possible to eat frozen pink salmon roe

In this article we will discuss some things related to cooking salmon roe. Used to make salmon roe sushi? Want to try ikura salmon roe? Red salmon pink caviar is allowed to cook various methods. Besides salting, it can also be fried. Pink salmon eggs, as a rule, should not fry, change color and turn white. Also, this caviar will be very hard. However, there are several recipes, and lovers of trying pink salmon roe may try to implement them.

You will need: 1 kg of salmon eggs, chives and flour (100 grams), three eggs, some vegetable oil and salt. We remove the eggs from the films, add eggs, pour the flour and mix all the dough. Chop the green onions, mix with the rest of the ingredients. We heat the oil in a frying pan. We form caviar tortillas. Fry for two minutes and the other side. Eggs should be whitewashed and fried.

How to fry salmon roe with onion and mayonnaise? You will need: pink salmon roe for sale (1kg), three eggs, two onions, butter (any vegetable), mayonnaise (50 grams or three tablespoons), flour (100 g.), Salt. We clean the eggs of the movies. We combine flour, mayonnaise and eggs and mix. Add the caviar to the resulting mass.

Heat the oil in a frying pan. We form from the received flat chops of dough, we lower them in heated oil. Frying time: 2-3 minutes for each barrel. Readiness Criterion: Outside the caviar chops should get a golden color, inside the caviar should white. We take ready ribs, we remove excess oil with a paper towel, we serve at table.

To make pink salmon roe soft when fried, introduce milk, which significantly softens baked caviar. The taste of soft baked caviar is hard to forget. You must try it at least once in a lifetime. The following recipe gives an idea of ​​how to cook salmon caviar with milk. We make caviar pancakes. Since caviar is more convenient to measure with spoons rather than by weight, a dozen spoons of pink salmon roe will need both flour and milk (two cups), four onions, butter (or other fat) to fry.

Stir in a large bowl of caviar, add flour, milk and salt. Shake well. Consistency of the mixture should be the same as for baking pancakes. We heat the oil in a frying pan and spread the batter over with a ladle. The oven is similar to pancakes. We serve at a table in a warm, preliminary type, having cut in various parts. Garnish: onion rings, wrapped in flour and fried in deep fat.

Are you ready to explore your imagination with salmon roe caviar? Now the question is: Where to buy salmon roe? We recommend you to buy online and the best place to buy is We hope by reading this article you can eat frozen pink salmon roe with ease. Salmon roe nutrition is worth getting! Anyway, thank you for reading!

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