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Whole Grain Almond Joy Waffles

My husband adds cheese and/or sriracha to everything (no joke, everything, even a bowl of veggies) and my daughter, well, she adds syrup to everything. Actually she calls it “honey”, but…it’s syrup. She’s confused. For a while I was buying her pure maple syrup, because it’s the best and I didn’t want my precious Paige to have the nasty processed stuff (which, by the way, I loved as a child), but then I realized I was spending a lot of money on pure maple syrup (I told you, she loves it). Then I started buying her the light stuff, you know, the fake stuff. Then, I felt bad, so I went back to the pure stuff. Then I started to be a better parent and actually enforce some rules about how much syrup to use on a given waffle, for example. She threw a fit, you know, she’s three (ahh, three?!). Then, I got smart, I started pouring maple syrup in a cup (because she only wants it in a cup) and adding water to it. BAM! Problem solved. She doesn’t even notice that her giant cup of honey (ahem, syrup) is half water. I’m such a genius.Whole Grain Almond Joy Waffles 1

So with all the honey (syrup), she eats, why would I add more sugar to her waffles? Because she’s a child and I don’t care. These things were amazing and it was the weekend and, well just make them and find out!

Whole Grain Almond Joy Waffles


  • Hogsdon Mills whole-grain waffle mix (or your favorite brand)
  • ¾ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips (more or less to taste)
  • ¾ cup shredded sweetened coconut (more or less to taste)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract


  1. Prepare the mix per the directions on the box, and add the chocolate chips, coconut, and vanilla. Pour into a prepared waffle maker and prep 8 waffles. Serve with butter, syrup, or nothing (I mean, there is plenty of sugar already, they are good on their own!)


** This is not a low FODMAP recipe

Did I mention I am obsessed with the Hodsdon Mills Insta-Bake product? Check out the ingredients;

Whole wheat flour, unbleached and unenriched wheat flour, leavening (GDL), wheat starch, buttermilk solids, sweet whey, leavening (baking soda); salt.

That’s. It.

To make the pancakes or waffles you add egg and oil, but if your child (or you) has an egg allergy I’ve been successful using 1/2 banana in place of one egg.Whole Grain Almond Joy Waffles 2Whole Grain Almond Joy Waffles 3

These photos were taken outside on a weird day where it was about to rain but it was still nice out. The coloring is off. The waffles were super tasty and a huge hit. Paige almost didn’t need any syrup with them (almost). Enjoy!

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