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Just because I’m a dietitian….

On today’s post I’m going to clear up a few misconceptions about me as a mother, and dietitian.  Here goes nothing…

  • I let my daughter eat sugar. Yeah, Nick and I joke that she’ll still be asking for “Nem Nems” (M&Ms) when she poops on the big toilet until she’s eighteen. So, yeah, I use sugar to bribe her at times too.child’s diet
  • I give my daughter not so healthy snacks. Generally my advice is to let snacks be a great way to incorporate any nutrients that are missing in your child’s diet (or yours!), and generally that’s what I do. But, we also give her chips, toast with jelly (one her favorites), Light’n Fit yogurt (ahem, asparatame!) and often graham crackers or Nutrigrain bars (news flash, these foods have zero nutritional value).
  • I’ve been known to give Paige chicken nuggets everyday for a week straight.  Uhhh, yeah, it’s true.  After a long day of work, often I just feel like zapping some nuggets in the microwave.  She loves em’.  She’s iron deficient, I’m doing her a favor!  We typically buy the Purdue Simply Smart nuggets, or the Applegate nuggets.
  • Sometimes Paige eats toast and butter for dinner.  This really only happens on days when I don’t feel like doing anything.  I get lazy, I want her to eat, I know she will eat toast.  Yes, I also offer her a vegetable (and by that I mean I grab a handful of cherry tomatoes from the counter, which she loves, and put it on her plate).
  • Paige says my favorite drink is wine.  I have a glass of wine every night, sometimes I slip in another one (although that’s tough when you’re breastfeeding a chunk!).  Paige calls it “mommy’s drink” and would probably tell you it’s my favorite drink in the world.  It’s got antioxidants. I’m all good.
  • I drink coffee before I pump.  Every morning.  And my baby is fine.
  • I eat frozen meals, often.  Generally my goal is to make two home cooked meals a week. Other nights? Frozen meals, or breakfast for dinner!  Our family also likes to do frozen veggies (steamed) with melted cheese on top (we love fresh mozzarella or Parmesan). Sometimes just a big ol’ bowl of veggies hits the spot.
  • I set a two recipes a week goal.  As mentioned above, my goal is two recipes a week. Why does everyone think I cook everyday?!  I wish I had time. I even did Sunbasket for a month and still found it hard to cook (even with the ingredients sent to me!). Honestly when I get home I try to do as much with my kids as possible, and at their young ages that doesn’t always mean working in the kitchen.
  • I rarely ever look at labels.  I was doing a presentation the other day on how to read a food label.  I pretty much let them know that food labels are useless.  Our new administration better not push back the July 2018 launch of the new and improved label. Although, to be honest, they probably will. They suck.
  • I let my daughter eat snacks while she’s watching TV.  Although lately this has created an ant problem in our living room, so, this may end soon.
  • I let food/binkies fall on the floor, and I still allow my kids to eat it.  All      the      time.
  • I let my daughter eat ketchup, and sometimes dip her veggies in it.  I don’t buy the low sugar ketchup (which contains Splenda…did you know that?!), I just buy the regular stuff. And, the other night, she requested an avocado taco…with ketchup…and I made her one (minimal ketchup, extra avocado. Don’t judge!).child’s diet 1

I swear she also eats normal meals, such as spaghetti and red sauce (her favorite).  Notice I added some shrimp to the pasta, which she politely put to the side.  Little booger.child’s diet 2

Notice the shrimp on the mat. She saw it on her plate and promptly took it off. I ate it.

What about you? Time to confess!

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