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Available on Amazon; “Cooking With Paige” — For your child’s grocery shopping and cooking inspiration!

Getting your young kids to eat healthy and try new foods is not easy! That’s why I wrote “Cooking With Paige”, which takes your young children (ages 3 and up!) on a trip through the grocery store, and then back home to prepare a meal with the food they picked up. Learn about the different food groups and why these foods are important to include in a balanced diet. Check out the recipes in the back and the inspirations for new kid-friendly menu creations. Stay tuned for more in this wonderful series (I hope!);

  • Breakfast with Paige
  • Gardening with Paige
  • Snacking with Paige
  • Packing Lunch with Paige

I know you and your kids will enjoy this first book, so check it out here and happy reading!

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