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Mmmm, pickles!

Pickles, cream cheese, toast and beans. It’s what I crave these days. Not too different from my cravings when I was pregnant with Paige. Yep, that’s right, pregnant with baby number two, due March 20th! I can remember right before getting pregnant thinking; “I can’t wait to be pregnant!” and “This will likely be my last pregnancy, that’s so sad” and “Hmm, maybe I’ll be a surrogate for someone, I just love being pregnant!”. Almost five months into this pregnancy it’s more like; “Thank God this is (most likely) going to be my last pregnancy!”. Yeah, I think we’re a “two and done” family. But who knows. As of now I never want to be pregnant again! I don’t remember feeling so achy, tired and nauseated round one. Perhaps it’s the fact that this time I have a feisty and spirited two year old to take care of as well??Mmmm, pickles! 1

She refuses to take baths in the tub, so…the sink will have to do.Mmmm, pickles! 2

Or perhaps it’s the fact that we’ve had a whirlwind past four months! Yes, let me update you. We all packed up and moved out of our house, into my mother-in-law’s condo. Her condo was plenty big for all of us, but still, it was quite an adjustment. Now, we have a new home (three months later!)…Mmmm, pickles! 3

Ok, no, this isn’t our house. This is Two Meeting Street, a quaint little Inn where we stayed in Charleston. I kept telling Nick, I would just take one fifth of this porch at our house (it wrapped around the entire house, it was beautiful, I have the photo saved on my phone so I can look at it at every chance I get). So no, our new home isn’t that cool, but we love love love it. It’s ready for a new baby (well…in March).

Here are some foods I’ve been eating/craving…Mmmm, pickles! 4

Fried (baked!) pickles, courtesy of Prevention RD’s Cookbook!Mmmm, pickles! 5

We went on vacation and I ate a lot of meat, such as this meatloaf from Jestine’s (a famous southern cuisine restaurant in Charleston!)Mmmm, pickles! 6

Fried Green Tomatoes

Anything creamy will do. I’m into sour cream, butter, cheese and cream cheese lately (never have I loved cream cheese, in my life). So when we were at McGrady’s in Charleston, I obviously got the fish with the creamy sauce!Mmmm, pickles! 7

I’ve finally gotten back to cooking at least one meal a week (that’s an accomplishment for me!) and I hope to start posting on a (somewhat) regular basis again. I’m still doing low FODMAPs, but have pretty much narrowed my offenders down to garlic and onion (and cauliflower, yikes). I try to avoid these (especially onion) at all costs (minus dill pickles, lol).

Actually I go through pickles so fast that I’ve been making my own by cutting up cucumbers and adding them to the leftover pickle juice (less garlic this way, actually, so a win win because it’s cheaper too!)Mmmm, pickles! 8

So, wondering the sex of the new baby? Yeah, we were too, and we found out last night…it’s a BOY! No wonder this pregnancy has felt so different. I knew it!Mmmm, pickles! 9

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