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Mmmm, pickles!

Pickles, cream cheese, toast and beans.  It’s what I crave these days.  Not too different from my cravings when I was pregnant with Paige.   Yep, that’s right, pregnant with baby number two, due March 20th!  I can remember right before getting pregnant thinking; “I can’t wait to be pregnant!” and “This will likely be my last pregnancy, that’s so sad” and “Hmm, maybe I’ll be a surrogate for someone, I just love being pregnant!”.  Almost five months into this pregnancy it’s more like; “Thank God this is (most likely) going to be my last pregnancy!”.  Yeah, I think we’re a “two and done” family.  But who knows.  As of now I never want to be pregnant again!   I don’t remember feeling so achy, tired and nauseated round one.  Perhaps it’s the fact that this time I have a feisty and spirited two year old to take care of as well??baths in the tub

She refuses to take baths in the tub, so…the sink will have to do.baths in the tub 1

Or perhaps it’s the fact that we’ve had a whirlwind past four months!  Yes, let me update you.  We all packed up and moved out of our house, into my mother-in-law’s condo.  Her condo was plenty big for all of us, but still, it was quite an adjustment.  Now, we have a new home (three months later!)…house

Ok, no, this isn’t our house.  This is Two Meeting Street, a quaint little Inn where we stayed in Charleston.  I kept telling Nick, I would just take one fifth of this porch at our house (it wrapped around the entire house, it was beautiful, I have the photo saved on my phone so I can look at it at every chance I get).  So no, our new home isn’t that cool, but we love love love it.  It’s ready for a new baby (well…in March).

Here are some foods I’ve been eating/craving…Mmmm pickles 1

Fried (baked!) pickles, courtesy of Prevention RD’s Cookbook!Mmmm pickles 2

We went on vacation and I ate a lot of meat, such as this meatloaf from Jestine’s (a famous southern cuisine restaurant in Charleston!)Mmmm pickles 3

Fried Green Tomatoes

Anything creamy will do.  I’m into sour cream, butter, cheese and cream cheese lately (never have I loved cream cheese, in my life). So when we were at McGrady’s in Charleston, I obviously got the fish with the creamy sauce!Mmmm pickles 4

I’ve finally gotten back to cooking at least one meal a week (that’s an accomplishment for me!) and I hope to start posting on a (somewhat) regular basis again.  I’m still doing low FODMAPs, but have pretty much narrowed my offenders down to garlic and onion (and cauliflower, yikes).  I try to avoid these (especially onion) at all costs (minus dill pickles, lol).

Actually I go through pickles so fast that I’ve been making my own by cutting up cucumbers and adding them to the leftover pickle juice (less garlic this way, actually, so a win win because it’s cheaper too!)Mmmm pickle

So, wondering the sex of the new baby? Yeah, we were too, and we found out last night…it’s a BOY! No wonder this pregnancy has felt so different.  I knew it!Mmmm pickles 5

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