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Two Simple Low FODMAPs Marinades

Now that Paige is old enough to entertain herself a bit more, I’ve been able to spend a bit more time in the kitchen.  For a while there I was in the middle of a major dry spell, literally going weeks (months) without cooking anything.  We weren’t ordering out or eating out at restaurants, I was simply making eggs and other simple foods like quick tacos with ground turkey and taco seasoning, instead of anything that required following a recipe or multiple steps (or dishes).  I was also using the slow cooker a lot because I could make triple the amount in half the time.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy easy recipes and prefer quick and simple methods, but it’s nice to finally have time to get out a cookbook and go to town.  In fact, I’ve finally found the time to plan meals for not only Nick and me but also other families (i.e.: we’ve been venturing out and going to friend’s houses, fancy that!).  As I’ve begun perusing the internet and my multitude of unopened cookbooks, I’ve found two new marinades that will forever be staples in my recipe portfolio (umm, my recipe portfolio is my blog, I guess, right??).  The first one is for tofu; “Vegan Lemon “Chicken” Baked Tofu”.  Chicken Baked Tofu

Last year at this time Nick and I gave up meat for lent.  I was pregnant and it seemed as though nothing I ate bothered me (basically my IBS was gone!), therefore going vegetarian was easy for me because I could eat beans and tofu without consequences. Now, no longer pregnant, if I eat one bite of beans or tofu (despite tofu actually being considered low FODMAPs) I have gas for hours. Therefore I decided to spare my family this year and continue being an omnivore.  However, Nick has decided to take on the vegetarian challenge, therefore I made this tofu recipe for him.  I do believe this marinade would work well with chicken too.  I’ve yet to try it, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t taste just as good.  It tasted great.  It was the perfect low FODMAPs simple marinade.  I took the risk and took a few bites.

Next is a recipe I found in Eating Well Magazine; “Broiled Ginger-Lime Chicken”. Marinades 1

This was just too simple, I almost felt bad about it.  I made this to bring to our friend’s house one night for dinner.  It tasted like I had slaved over it for hours, but in reality, the marinade did al the work/hard labor (I let it marinade for almost 24-hours). This marinade needed zero modifications, as it was already low FODMAPs (scallions are a great replacement for onions, as they are low FODMAPs, but keep in mind the only low FODMAPs portion is the green part, not the white oniony part).Marinades 2

By the time this chicken was ready the lighting was awful.  Sorry for the poor photo, it doesn’t do this chicken justice.  This marinade was the perfect blend of sweet and savory spice.  Just amazing.Marinades 3

If you ever have a marinade recipe that calls for garlic and/or onion, keep in mind you can exclude those and replace them with garlic or Tuscan olive oil (to make it low FODMAPs).  You can still get the flavor without the FODMAPs (FODMAPs are water-soluble, not fat-soluble).  I hope you enjoy these two marinades. I know we did!  The next post will be a stuffed eggplant recipe I made the other day.  I’ve always been a fan of eggplant because first, I love the taste, and second, it’s loaded with soluble fiber.  Happy Sunday!

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