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The Candid RD Goes to NYC!

What do you think of my new look? I switched to WordPress over the past week and am still getting used to it (Although so far I love it and can’t believe I didn’t switch sooner). There are still some rough patches I’ve come accross, and many of my previous posts have been deleted or are in need of editing, but overall I’m pretty excited and looking forward to improving my blog even more as I continue.

Last year at this time I was still coming down from a major high after getting married. Seriously, it was the time of my life. I never imagined my wedding day and the time leading up to that day to be as fun, thrilling and absolutely perfect as it was. This year, to celebrate, Nick and I took a trip to New York City. Our goal was to fill as much of our time with great food and sights as possible. Boy did we succeed! We called it our “Foodie NYC Trip”. Here’s a little recap, mainly in the form of photos…..Candid RD 1

On our way into the city, from the airport. It was WINDY! Those taxi drivers are crazy too, man, I was in fear for my life.Candid RD 2

We ate gelato or ice cream every day. Sometimes twice (muahaha). This was from the Milk Bar. They are all over the city. Basically their ice cream tastes like cereal and milk. No joke!Candid RD 3

We ate at Tom Colicchio’s restaurant Craft on our first night. This is me (in the middle) with two of my favorite people; Amanda and Claire. They both live in NYC. Candid RD 4

Of course, we had to tell them it was our anniversary so we could get a free dessert! Homemade marshmallows.Candid RD 5

Not the best photo, but this was the lobster roll I got at the Chelsea Market. That place was amazing. We also went to Mario Batali’s Eataly.Candid RD 6

And we ate more gelato, of course….
This was outside the Guggenheim. Yes, we actually bought tickets to go to TWO art museums. We felt so cultured.Candid RD 7

And because we both love Seinfeld, we had to visit Tom’s Diner (I ordered Elaine’s Big Salad!)Candid RD 8

And we visited the Soup Nazi. Holy cow, the soup was fantastic!Candid RD 9

We saw the Book of Mormon. I almost peed my pants it was so funny. Nick and I are still quoting it today. It’s a must-see.Candid RD 10

Again, not the best photo, but this was the juicy burger I ordered at Five Napkins (a highly-recommended burger place in NYC). The burger lived up to the hype, the service? NOT SO MUCH! This burger had avocado, pepper jack, and lots of love.

And then it was date night time. We went to Le Bernadine (Eric Ripert’s restaurant….you know…that famous French Chef you see on Bravo all the time??). We got all dressed up and fancy and prepared ourselves for the best meal we’ve ever eaten. Ever.Candid RD 11

I even had an orange shaw (thank you, Amanda!)Candid RD 12

I’d show you all of the food, but it was a five-course meal and I don’t feel like uploading all those photos. Check out my Instagram (The Candid RD) for more pictures. For now, here are our two favorite dishes; The first is the Halibut (my favorite), the second is the clam chowder (Nick’s favorite).Candid RD 13Candid RD 14

If you want to read more about Le Bernadine and their menu (and see some truly amazing food porn!), check out their website. The meal was just fantastic. We were both pleasantly full, not overly stuffed, and just felt amazing afterwards (despite the bill, but it was so worth it!). Anyway, check out the menu if you want to see for yourself just how amazing this place is. Obviously we had a wonderful time in NYC and hope to go back one of these days. I hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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