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Simple Summer Gazpacho (Thrifty Thursday!)

Crunchy peanut butter, nutty brownies, artichoke hearts, avocado, and gazpacho soup. What do they all have in common? I used to hate them all when I was growing up. Yes, it’s true, I despised crunchy peanut butter, but now I beg for more peanut pieces (the crunchier the better!) and I used to detest anything that contained guacamole or avocado, but now I add it to anything and everything. As for the cold soup, well, I’m still not completely sold on the idea, but this recipe from last summer was a real winner.Summer Gazpacho 1

You see, cold soup to me always tasted like chunky salsa. And of course, when I was young I also hated salsa. Now, you guessed it, I love it! Of course, it’s impossible to find a low FODMAPs salsa, but this soup is certainly low FODMAPs and tasted great with a hearty piece of whole-grain bread with a bit of butter smeared on top. It’s the perfect meal or side for any summer outing. I just love soup, any time of the year, and it’s nice to know that my taste buds can finally enjoy a cold soup in the summer!Summer Gazpacho 2

And like I said, now that I know how delicious avocado is, I add it to whatever I can. It tasted great sliced on this gazpacho soup (despite containing FODMAPs….).Summer Gazpacho 3


It’s super red, no? That’s how you know you’re getting a good dose of heart-skin-and prostate health-promoting lycopene.Summer Gazpacho 4

I took a photo of this recipe, rather than typing it out. Yes, I got lazy. This just highlightss how easy this recipe is (hence while I’m posting it on “Thrifty Thursday”…it’s thrifty on time and price, only about $1 per serving!)Summer Gazpacho 5


This soup was as easy as throwing ingredients into a blender, pressing start, waiting a few seconds, then pouring the result into bowls.

Source: Nutrition Action Healthletter—– the best newsletter in the world. No joke

*Note: If you follow a low FODMAPs diet you’ll be pleased to know this is a low FODMAPs recipe! The avocado, however, is not low FODMAPs. I still eat a few slices because sometimes I just can’t say no!

Estimated Nutrition Facts for 1-serving (1-cup)

Nutrition Highlights: Under 100 calories, a good source of vitamin A and iron, an excellent source of vitamin C.Summer Gazpacho 6

And like I said, I now add avocado to anything and everything. Sadly it’s not low FODMAPs, but if I stick to a small portion, ie less than 1/4th cup, I seem to be just fine.

QUESTION: Do you like cold soup?? If the answer is no, will you try this to see if maybe your taste buds jump for joy as mine did?!

Thanks for reading.

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