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Kiwi Basil Smoothies

I was at a wellness event the other day and was looking at the smoothies they were selling, for six-dollars each!  I could have made them all myself, for less than two-dollars (and they provided the recipes for each one of these smoothies….so of course I took a copy to-go).  Since we’ve been gardening I’ve been searching high and low for good smoothie recipes with fresh herbs.I’ve been “experiminting” (haha) lately with mint because our mint has already started growing out of control (get ready for some seriously minty posts!).  I’ve also been experimenting with basil, because even though ours hasn’t grown much yet, I want to be ready when it does.  Are you one of those people who buys a bunch of fresh herbs for one recipe, only to throw the remaining away because they don’t get used?  This happens to me a lot, especially with basil (hence the reason I’m growing my own).  Now, I know I could make pesto, and I often do, but what about a basil smoothie?  I realize that I can add just about any herb to a smoothie, but I recently found out basil is not only tasty, but absolutely delicious in smoothies! So, don’t waste your remaining basil…use it in your smoothies.Kiwi Basil Smoothies 1

Kiwi Basil Smoothies

(Modified version of this recipe)

Serves 1or 2


2 kiwis

1/2 banana

Juice from 1 grapefruit **

1 packet sweetener (caloric or non-caloric, I used a brand of stevia)

1/4 cup fresh basil

1/2 cup crushed ice


Blend well in a Magic Bullet, Nutribullet, or blender of your choice.

** NOTE:  If you are following a low FODMAPs diet you don’t want to use grapefruit for your citrus.  You could try orange juice instead, or another citrus like lemon or lime.Kiwi Basil Smoothies 2

Here are some more basil recipes to choose from, in case you’re not sold on the smoothie or pesto idea.  Basil is full of nutrition (ie: vitamin K, iron, calcium, and fiber). Don’t let it go to waste!Estimated Nutrition facts

Estimated Nutrition facts for 1 smoothie (entire recipe)
Source: CalorieCount.comEstimated Nutrition facts 1

Estimated Nutrition Facts for 1/2 of entire recipe (if you make 2 servings out of this recipe)

QUESTION: Do you have any good herb-infused smoothies to share? Did you know that Monday was National Herbs and Spices month?!  Yeah, that’s right!

Stay tuned for a mint chocolate chip protein smoothie I’m trying to invent.  I have the idea in my head, now I just need to produce something fabulous.  Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

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