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Mediterranean Chicken Thighs with Lentils

Are thighs the new breasts? That was the question on the Today Show a few weeks ago. I’d like to think yes (at least for humans….you know, wouldn’t that be nice? Can you imagine women spending tons of money on thigh implants? lol). But what about for poultry? The chef on the Today Show, whom I can’t remember at the moment, claimed that indeed that chicken thighs are the new chicken breast. I’m not quite sure though. When you compare the nutrition facts thighs are a bit fattier (because of the dark meat) and therefore provide slightly more calories (and some would argue, more flavor). Is it worth it? I still don’t know, but I do know this, thighs made this dish amazing, and one that I will make time and time again.Mediterranean Chicken 1

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Something else that made this dish amazing was the fact that it was baked in parchment paper. So, the clean up was a breeze.Mediterranean Chicken 2

Mediterranean Chicken Thighs With Lentils

Serves 4

Source: Mother Rimmy’s Blog

Have you ever gone to post a recipe on your blog and noticed that the entire post that you worked so hard on was erased?? Vanished completely into cyberspace, somewhere. Well, that happened to me this morning, and therefore you’ll just have to get the link to the recipe;

CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE and the Nutrition Facts

** NOTE: If you are following a low FODMAPs diet first, omit the red onion, and second, use canned lentils. Why canned?The canning process actually causes the FODMAPs to leach out in the brine.Who knew?Mediterranean Chicken 3

But hey, at least my pictures were still saved in my iPhotos. Darn you Google for deleting my post. But thank you iPhotos for not deleting my photos Mediterranean Chicken 4

If you’re thinking; “I would much rather use chicken breast”, I would say that’s probably fine. Because this chicken was cooked in parchment paper it held onto a lot of the flavors and juices. I would definitely say a leaner chicken breast would work just fine in this recipe. Either way, the recipe was a hit with our friends (Nick and I were at a friend’s house when we made this) and was certainly enjoyed by all.Mediterranean Chicken 5

QUESTION: Do you think thighs are the new breast? I mean, in terms of poultry….of course.

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