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Valentine’s Day Chocolates (Under 100 Calories!), Lighter Ice Creams, and Dinner for Two

If you are sitting at home, or at work, loveless, hopeless, and just hating Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone.  In fact, even some married women (myself included) really despise Valentine’s Day. Yep, it’s true, I really don’t like it.  I never have. It all started in elementary school when I would get my hopes up that the boy I had a massive crush on would get me a special Valentine, and….he never did.  I still take a moment of silence each year to reflect on those sad days.  But now, as a married thirty-year-old, I figure why not try to be a little positive?  Today I will reflect on a couple of reasons why I can look forward to this gag-worthy “Hallmark Holiday”.  For starters, it’s an excuse for Nick to cook…..Valentine’s Day Chocolates 1

Yes, he will be preparing this.

We are sharing the love with a Valentine’s “Dinner for Two” from a local supermarket.  It’s two filets and two lobster tails.  Although to be honest, I want his lobster tail too, I don’t want to share the love. HA!  He could eat both filets and I could eat both lobster tails.  Although…I suppose that wouldn’t be nice considering I care about his heart (and, I love filets too….darn it. Can I have both meals??).Valentine’s Day Chocolates 2

Source: iStock Photo

Another reason I remind myself that this holiday isn’t so bad after all is because it’s an excuse to eat chocolate and serve chocolate at work to unsuspecting customers. It’s so fun to do chocolate for a change!  The recipe below was found on a kefir website recently and I thought it sounded amazing. Let me know if you try it, I haven’t yet (and I have no clue how many calories are in it, or how many truffles it makes, but I wanted to share it!).  I’ll probably never make these either unless I can find an alternative to agave (it’s certainly not low FODMAPs).


SOURCE OF RECIPE: Natalie Slater

But I did make this chocolate truffle from and I highly recommend them (as do the more than 100 customers who tried them last week!).  They are only 64 calories and truly delicious.  Let’s be honest, how can pretzel, peanut butter, and dark chocolate not be delicious?  And if you want more chocolate treat ideas for under 100 calories, check out the rest of Eating Well’s recipes. Valentine’s Day Chocolates 3

Three ingredients….Valentine’s Day Chocolates 4

Literally, a very simple pleasure that even the non-chocolate lovers where I work enjoyed!Valentine’s Day Chocolates 5

So, for those of you love Valentine’s Day, and looking forward to a dip in your heart-shaped jacuzzi later with your love, please enjoy it. Valentine’s Day Chocolates 6

For those of you sitting at home alone, please, have no fear, your day of snuggles, flowers, and heart-shaped jacuzzis will come one of these days.  Have no fear. Meanwhile, Nick and I will be enjoying some chocolate (and homemade ice cream, see below!), filets, and lobster tails, while watching our Thursday night shows on TV. Romantic, eh?  Maybe we’ll light a candle, or two.  Hmmm..maybe not.Valentine’s Day Chocolates 7

I made blueberry ice cream for Nick, check out the recipe here.

I also made peppermint cookies and cream ice cream, which is a modified version of this recipe. Just omit the cinnamon, nutmeg, and walnuts, and replace them with some crumbled Oreos and a dash of peppermint extract.Valentine’s Day Chocolates 8Valentine’s Day Chocolates 9

Instagram shot from last night, yes, we dug in one day early….I saved the blueberry surprise for today!

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