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Simple Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken Sandwiches (Thrifty Thursday)

This recipe was not only cheap ( $10 for 6 sandwiches) but it was also incredibly simple (therefore it was thrifty in terms of time and money). I followed this recipe from I modified the recipe slightly by using only 8-ounces of BBQ sauce instead of 12-ounces. It was as simple as adding the frozen chicken to the crockpot, topping it with the BBQ sauce, close the lid, and waiting around all day while the house filled with delicious smells and aromas. Pulled Chicken Sandwiches 1

This recipe wasn’t low FODMAPs because of the BBQ sauce (I’ve yet to find a FODMAPs-free BBQ sauce) but…..Pulled Chicken Sandwiches 2

Is it just me, or does this look like a bowl of hot wings?

…..when I shredded the chicken I didn’t add the extra BBQ to my portion, only to Nick’s. Therefore I got the juicy, tender chicken with just a hint of BBQ sauce on top, making it at least lower FODMAPs.Pulled Chicken Sandwiches 3

I really enjoy shredding meat. It’s very liberating.

Is this sandwich not beauteous?! Nick actually cut some red onions and sauteed them to add to his sandwich. He knows I a) hate to cut onions because my eyes burn like crazy and b) can’t eat onions because they contain FODMAPs, so he was nice enough to do this himself. I think they made the sandwich look that much better. He needs to be a food blogger, not me.Pulled Chicken Sandwiches 4

Nick served his chicken on a whole wheat bun, with red onion and cilantro. I just took off the onion for my own. SO GOOD! Pulled Chicken Sandwiches 5

Instagram photo. Love it. Follow me; The Candid RDEstimated Nutrition Facts 18

Estimated Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Sandwich made with 1/6th of the chicken recipe, and including a typical ~160-calorie whole wheat bun. Also, note that I only used 8-ounces of BBQ sauce, versus the 12-ounces called for in the original recipe from the link above.

** NOTE: 1/6th of the recipe, without a bun, would be about 420 calories. If you want to use a lighter bun look for a 100-calorie bun in your local supermarket (or go even lighter and omit the bun and use the chicken in a taco salad or enjoy it alone, with some fun toppings) **

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