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The Candid RD is back!  After a brief blogging hiatus, my mind is refreshed and my blogger “pallet” is clean.I’m ready for a new start.  Are you ready to join me?!

I did something very important while I was gone.  I married the man of my dreams.NEW Candid RD

We were married on the beach in Bald Head Island, North CarolinaNEW Candid RD 1NEW Candid RD 2

Yes, we are HUGE Ohio State Buckeye Fans!

With wedding planning no longer taking up all of my time, I’m ready to get back into the world of blogging, but I’m starting with a (somewhat) new format.

My focus on this blog has always been to make nutrition simple, understandable, and unambiguous.  The article abstract below which can only be read in full by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members reiterates the fact that dietitians have an important responsibility to assist in clearing up the false food/nutrition/health information that is so easy to get a hold of in today’s crazy world.Academy of Nutrition

Source: (The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

There is inaccurate information about nutrition, food, and health everywhere, and dietitians are constantly looking for ways to convince people that not everything they hear is true (even if their doctor or Dr. Oz says it is). I do not believe that I know everything about nutrition, but my goal still remains the same; I will strive each and every day to clear up the confusion that surrounds the topic of nutrition and health,  and to make a healthy diet and lifestyle more achievable for anyone who is interested (hopefully, you!).

The following is my plan for this blog; 


Motivational MondayMondays are the start of the week, so why not start off on the right foot?! I’ll provide motivational quotes, the latest research that may motivate you to start making a healthy change, and helpful tips on how to get into the “healthy eating groove” and/or how to get up and get moving! NEW Candid RD 4

Source: iStockPhoto

Meatless Monday:  I’m a huge fan of meat, I’ll admit it, but I also love knowing that there are so many great recipes out there with zero meat/poultry/fish, but which still contain plenty of filling protein.  Some of my favorite meatless meal components are tempeh, beans, and portobello mushrooms.  I’ll share some of my favorite recipes with you, so you can see for yourself!NEW Candid RD 5

This is a Tempeh Salad Sandwich.  See my vegetarian recipes on the sidebar of this blog!


Confused Day Tuesday:  The public hears conflicting messages about food, nutrition, and health each and every day.  One day fructose is fine, the next it makes us fat. One day low-fat is the way to go, the next day it’s low-carb.  One day margarine is better than butter, the next day we’re told to throw out all of our margarine.  One day vitamin E supplements promote brain function, the next day it promotes heart attacks.  What should we believe?!  My Tuesday posts will be focused on clearing up those nutrition and food-related topics that cause so much confusion (and most of the time they will be topics about which even dietitians can be confused!).NEW Candid RD 6

So much information…..what should we believe?!


Whatever Wednesday:  On Wednesday I will post … whatever I feel like posting! It may be a new favorite recipe (I like quick and easy recipes) or a blurb about a recent nutrition-related article.  Who knows!?


Thrifty Thursday: When it comes to educating people on how to eat healthier, and live healthier lifestyles, I like to focus on doing so in a realistic and frugal manor.  I’m not cheap, but I did grow up with an accountant father who taught me how to spend my money wisely, and a mother who taught me that no food should ever be wasted, and that I should look for deals wherever I can!  Thursdays will focus on how I eat healthy on a budget, and how you can too.NEW Candid RD 7

Money is certainly not everything, but if you can find ways to live healthy without spending all of your money on food, why not do it?!


FAQ Friday!: I’ve been asked so many nutrition and food-related questions via Twitter (@CandidRD),  Facebook  (The Candid RD), e-mail, MyFitnessPal,and Instagram (TheCandidRD) and obviously, in person. On Fridays, I want to share the questions and my answers with YOU!

 Please feel free to e-mail me your questions and I can add them to my weekly postings.NEW Candid RD 8Question: What can I do about my picky eater?!NEW Candid RD 9Question: What do I eat if I have IBS? Do you have recipes for the Low Fodmap Diet?!NEW Candid RD 10

Question:  I used MyFitness Pal.  Should I really eat those extra calories I burn during my workout?

Question:  I used MyFitness Pal.  Should I really eat those extra calories I burn during my workout?

These posts will also include information about the Low FODMAPs diet (FODMAPs Friday!), which is a diet for those with IBS. I’ve been following a low FODMAPs diet for several years now, and it’s changed my life (for the better).  My recipes are often not 100% FODMAPs-free (that’s difficult, especially when you live in an Italian household!), but I do provide modifications for you to make them at least lower in FODMAPs, which is often all you need to feel better!


Saturday Sabotage:  Have you noticed that even your local hardware store now sells candy bars?  Have you noticed that it’s almost impossible to go out for dinner or go to a dinner party without consuming more than 1000 calories?  On Saturdays, I’ll provide examples of how our environment (and…ahem…weekends!!) can sabotage your health and wellness goals, and how to avoid the sabotage.

Saturday Swap: 
 On some Saturdays I will post recipes that you can swap for your favorite weekend treat.  An example might be a new healthier dip for your chips, or a healthier holiday dessert for your weekend holiday party.  This is just another way to help you dodge the sabotage!

NOTE:  I’m not planning on posting every Saturday, but when I have something to post, I will.NEW Candid RD 11

Our environment makes it very difficult to stick to our goals! (Photo source: iStockPhotos)

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