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FAQ Friday: What Are Some Healthier Snacks For Someone With a Sweet Tooth?

Whenever I get asked this question I smile, because I’ve been working on creating healthier, lighter, and satisfying “Sweet-Tooth Snacks” my entire life. I’ve had a sweet tooth since I was young. I can still remember going to Buckeye Football parties with my parents, and eating about 10 candy buckeyes at a time (no joke). If you’re not sure what a buckeye is, see the picture below. They are the giant balls of peanut butter, dipped in chocolate towards the bottom of the photo.Healthier Snacks 1I’ve created some healthier buckeyes in the past, with less sugar and dark chocolate instead of milk, but they’re still pretty sugar-loaded. Today, instead of talking about sugary desserts, I want to talk to you about the importance of appreciating fruit as a dessert……. NOT! Don’t you just hate it when people suggest fruit as a dessert? I’m sorry, but fruit just never cuts it for me, unless it’s something like strawberries dipped in chocolate (great idea, by the way.)chocolate squaresTry large strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate squares (I use 2 pieces of 85% dark chocolate, with about 50 calories each). This dessert contains about 150 calories, if I eat about 6 large strawberries and use two pieces of dark chocolate. Not bad!

Or this lovely concoction…..Pistachio and honey stuffed datesPistachio and honey-stuffed dates. Let’s say this together…..AMAZING!unsweetened cocoa powderThis is plain greek yogurt with unsweetened cocoa powder mixed in. I then dipped a sugar-free fudge pop in it. SO TASTY!Chocolate MousseThere’s nothing like some Tofu Chocolate Mousse to kick that chocolate craving!Healthier Snacks 2Have you ever had an urge to just BAKE?! I get those urges sometimes, and I always make sure to make something that is at least somewhat healthy, since whatever I bake will likely be around for several days. One day I made these Pumpkin Oat Cookies,which turned out to be so good that Nick still requests them to this day.non calorie sweetenerI like late-night snacks, and this is one of my favorites; a smoothie with 1/2 cup frozen blueberries and 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, with some drops of vanilla and your favorite non-calorie sweetener. After I blend it and get it smooth, I add either whipped cream or Greek yogurt (plain). Heavenly.Dessert Hummus.Dessert Hummus. Beware, this is amazing. whipped creamI have an obsession with popsicles. Can you tell? I like sugar-free popsicles dipped in Greek yogurt and whipped cream. I also like making my own popsicles, like this one that is literally frozen mango juice!Healthier Snacks 3This is something you can make and freeze (so you always have them!). They are Chocolate, Almond, and Dried Plum No-Bake Cookie Bitesstrawberries I’ll end with one of my new favorites; large strawberries with light cool whip. Oh so good!snack ideasNeed some lighter dessert ideas? I think this cookbook is pretty great. It’s not necessarily for quick dessert/snack ideas, but if you’re throwing a party or going to a party, the lighter ideas in here are very tasty.

Another option is to buy lower fat chocolate, which is made with fruit juice to replace the fat (what?!). Coming soon to a grocery store near you??

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