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When Nick Wants a Quesadilla…

Nick’s idea of a quesadilla used to be two white flour tortillas loaded with chicken, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. Not anymore. Nope. Now he actually enjoys my updated versions of his old favorites, such as this chicken and spinach quesadilla.

Chicken and Spinach Quesadilla
(Serves one very hungry person or two people)

2 soft whole-grain tortillas (gluten-free options are available)
2 cups raw spinach
5 ounces grilled chicken
1/2 avocado
1/4 cup shredded reduced-fat cheese
2 slices nitrate-free bacon
1/2 cup black beans, strained and rinsed

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees
2. Layer one tortilla on a baking sheet and layer ingredients in order of the list above (with the beans going on last)
3. Top with the second tortilla
4. If you want, add more cheese on top
5. Bake for 15-20 minutesQuesadilla 1

Wow, that’s a lot of white in the photo above. Sorry. I’m still learning how to use my new camera. It’s awesome, but I still need to work on my nighttime photos! You still get the idea that this was delicious, right?!Quesadilla 2

Estimated Nutrition Facts
(Serving size: 1 entire quesadilla)
(** Note, I used tortillas that were only 60 calories each **)

Nick loved this quesadilla, by the way, and I did too (I had mine with some plain Greek yogurt as the “sour cream”, and I only ate half and saved the other half for the following day). It surely beats this “quesadilla” below, which is from a certain company that makes frozen meals…..gross.Quesadilla 3

Question: What’s your favorite ingredient in a quesadilla? Did you know that some restaurant quesadillas (“appetizers”) provide over 1000 calories?! And on top of that, they provide more than a day’s worth of sodium. No Bueno.

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