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Our Tiny, Enclosed Kitchen

My fiance, Nick, and I moved into our tiny first (and possibly last??) house two years ago, May 25th. Around that time I got a great job as a dietitian at a Foodie grocery store, which inspired me to cook and get creative with my food even more than I already did.  I had this blog for two years before getting my job, which allowed me to showcase my foodie creations, but sadly I didn’t (and obviously, still don’t) have a great kitchen in which to entertain, so most of my creations were showcased on the blog, but then never shared with anyone but Nick (lucky guy).

Our kitchen is tiny, and it’s impossible to cook in unless I’m alone (Nick has an excuse not to help, that’s not good!) and it makes entertaining almost impossible.  In fact, the only time we entertain is during the summer, when we can go outside.Enclosed Kitchen 1

Granted, our current kitchen is much better than our previous kitchen (below). YIKES! We lived in this apartment for two years while I was getting my Master’s degree at THE Ohio State University (Go Bucks!).Enclosed Kitchen 2

 But, let’s face it, I work in a place that has a better kitchen than I do!  In fact, this kitchen (below) was designed to showcase famous chefs (below is last year’s Top Chef winner, Paul Qui!).  I mean, talk about an OPEN concept!Enclosed Kitchen 3

Earlier this year Nick and I took on the project of painting our hideous cabinets.  Three months later (yes, THREE MONTHS) they really weren’t any better than they were when we started…..Enclosed Kitchen 4

We have a beautiful garden, which produces a bounty of delicious foods, such as last year’s explosion of butternut squash.Enclosed Kitchen 5Enclosed Kitchen 6

 I made butternut squash cookies, butternut squash lasagna, fries, smoothies, sauce, pizza…..the list goes on.  But sadly no one was able to come over and enjoy the meals, because entertaining in our house is impossible!Enclosed Kitchen 7

Nick and I were watching Kitchen Cousins one day and I had this brilliant idea.  You see this wall, that blocks any view to the living room?  I want it demolished!Enclosed Kitchen 8

 The only problem is that our fridge and oven are against the wall, AND we have stairs that are located right there, when you open the door.Enclosed Kitchen 9

 HOWEVER, I think it’s possible to find a smaller oven and fridge, and take out those cabinets in the corner, to make room for the appliances (we could do without those cabinets) AND maybe extend our cabinets UP to make more room and to make the space look larger (I got that idea from Kitchen Cousins!).Enclosed Kitchen 10Enclosed Kitchen 11It’s just…such a cute kitchen, but it’s not used and I am ready to ENTERTAIN!Enclosed Kitchen 12

The wall in the corner could also be demolished, opening up the kitchen and dining area even more.Enclosed Kitchen 13

Our house is very small, but I would be ok living here for the rest of our lives, as long as the kitchen was OPEN.  It’s really the only thing about this house that drives me mad.Enclosed Kitchen 14

We ponder the thought of a new kitchen each and every day…

But we really can’t afford one.

Can you help?!?!

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