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Will I Ever Eat Gluten Again?

‘Twas the day before Christmas Eve, and all through the kitchen… 3

smells of sugar cookies were swarming….

and Gina’s dad was bitchin’.bitchin

The cookies were sugar, “but they weren’t made the right way” .Eat Gluten 1

A cookie-cutter wasn’t used, but to Diann and Gina it was “ok”!Eat Gluten 2

Gina was happy that the recipe was quick….Eat Gluten 3

and meanwhile, she wondered if the wheat made her sick.

She’d been tested for Celiac two weeks before…..Eat Gluten 4

and she wondered if she’d be able to eat holiday sugar cookies anymore.

She’d already given up so many foods…..

on the day before Christmas Eve, Gina wanted some good news.

At 6 pm that eve, the doc gave a ring.

The news was so good, it made Gina sing!

The results were negative and she was alright.

She could have her sugar cookie, and enjoy her holiday night.Eat Gluten 5

But of course, for Gina, moderation is always key.

But boy was that cookie tasty, and her Christmas results in the best gift that could be!

So, the results were all negative. My tTG-IgA blood test was negative, and my iron and vitamin D levels were all normal (a sign of Celiac is often low vitamin D and/or iron levels). And since my doctor was smart, he also measured my total IgA levels at the same time he measured my tTG-IgA, to make sure I wasn’t one of the few people who doesn’t make any IgA antibodies (this can result in a false negative). My doctor did end up recommending a low gluten diet, as he said my symptoms were indicative of gluten “Sensitivity”, but that’s just fine because with the low FODMAPs diet I am pretty much already following a low gluten diet. No big deal.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. But meanwhile, enjoy your holiday everyone!Christmas 1

This is last year’s Christmas photo. I felt like I needed to add a Christmas tree to this post

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