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Panko + Wasabi + Orange Roughy = Delicious?

I usually buy fresh fish, but lately I’ve been buying more frozen varieties. I know, I know, fresh is “Best” (although I’m still not convinced that fresh fish is any better as far as nutrition is concerned), but on nights when I get home at 7:30pm frozen fish is just so convenient, and it actually tastes really good, if prepared correctly. Another benefit of the frozen fish is that Nick will eat it. Not to say that he wouldn’t eat fresh fish, but typically when I buy fresh fish it’s salmon, and he just hates salmon.

Recently I bought some orange roughy. What the heck is orange roughy anyway? I’m not really sure, but when I bought it I knew that, similar to cod, it had a mild fish flavor that Nick would enjoy.Orange Roughy

After looking at the nutrition information online I learned that orange roughy has some of the lowest amounts of omega-3 out of all fish available to man (oops). I think this is my last time buying the orange roughy, I just wanted to try it because I don’t think I’d ever had it. It tasted a lot like cod, which Nick and I both enjoy. Despite not having much omega-3, orange roughy is super low in calories, contains a good amount of protein, and zero saturated fat.Orange Roughy 1

Wasabi Panko Crusted White Fish

4 ounces orange roughy
1 tsp wasabi mustard
2 T Panko bread crumbs

Preheat oven to 375. Spread an even layer of mustard on the fish and then dip into the Panko bread crumbs so they evenly coat the fish. Place the fish on a baking sheet and bake for ~12 minutes. Switch your oven to broil (choose the high setting) and broil for 2 minutes.Wasabi

Delicious? Yes. Pretty? No. I mean, it’s green. But this is now going to be a staple dinner in our household. We’ve had it twice since I first made it (although the second time I used cod). Nick loves it and it gives us a nice break from the usual eggs, beans, turkey, lean beef, or chicken for protein sources. One day I’m going to try this recipe from Andrea of Andrea’s Wellness Notes, because it’s like a healthy fried salmon! I asked Nick if he’d eat it, and he said no. Ugh. Why can’t he like salmon?! Tonight for dinner I’m making braised salmon. Nick will have to find something else to eat. Recipe posted soon!

QUESTIONS: Does your significant other like to eat fish? Do you ever buy frozen fish? Want to share any fun and simple recipes??

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