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I’m Addicted

Do you have any idea what this is? It’s a spoon full of heaven (aka: pumpkin puree, Greek yogurt, granola, and unsweetened cocoa powder).

It’s true, I’m addicted to unsweetened cocoa powder.unsweetened cocoa powder 1

A full tablespoon provides only 10 calories, 0 sugar, and a whopping 2 grams of fiber (that almost makes it a good source!). And that’s not to mention the loads of antioxidants found in cocoa powder (specifically cocoa powder is high in flavanoids). Seriously, what more could you ask for?!unsweetened cocoa powder 2

And you might be thinking; “Gina, why wouldn’t you choose the Special Dark Blend”? You know, because clearly anything that’s “dark” must be better for you, right?unsweetened cocoa powder 3

First of all, the Special Dark blend tastes really bitter. I mean, I love dark chocolate, but the powder just isn’t for me. Also, for the longest time I tried to find out whether the Special Dark cocoa powder was really any better for you, since it was indeed dutch processed. Several weeks ago I realized the answer to my question was right in front of me (see below)!unsweetened cocoa powder 4

So, it turns out the Special Dark cocoa powder is actually less nutritious, so I do not use the Special Dark blend unless I’m cooking. But of course, I rarely use cocoa powder to cook with, I just eat it! Here are some of my favorite ways to eat this delicious … ingredient:

On top of my breakfast.unsweetened cocoa powder 5unsweetened cocoa powder 6

My breakfast typically consists of Greek yogurt (plain), some type of fruit, granola, natural sweetener, and cocoa powder.

I also add it to my oats, but I do not have a picture. Just imagine this bowl of oats (below) with cocoa sprinkled on top. Yes, that’s a sweet potato in my oats!unsweetened cocoa powder 7

Added to snacks.unsweetened cocoa powder 8

And more snacks…..unsweetened cocoa powder 9

This is a cup of Greek yogurt and vanilla almond milk, topped with unsweetened cocoa powder, natural sweetener, and some strawberries. So good.strawberries 1

And sometimes I will add cocoa powder to plain Greek yogurt and dip strawberries in that.strawberries 2

Vitamins, protein, calcium, great taste, so tasty.unsweetened cocoa powder 10

Any idea what this is?? If you guessed a spoonful of peanut butter dipped in cocoa powder, you’re right! It’s like a Buckeye on a spoon.

And the obvious, desserts!unsweetened cocoa powder 11

Plain Greek yogurt with cocoa powder and some Reece’s PB cups. A “healthier” dessert, right?unsweetened cocoa powder 12

And of course I add it to my homemade ice cream, because vanilla gets old after awhile.

(Makes ~10-1/2 cup servings)

1 cup vanilla almond milk, 2 cups chilled half and half, 3/4 cup sugar, mix well, add to ice cream maker, pour in about 2 T cocoa powder while the machine is running, let run for 18-20 minutes. Once it’s finished, add whatever you want for “add-ins”, such as chocolate chunks or frozen brownie bites.

QUESTION: What’s your latest food obsession? Do you ever use unsweetened cocoa powder?

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Nick and I did a lot of entertaining. We had Nicole (Prevention RD) and her husband over for dinner on Friday and made chicken marsala with roasted butternut squash and spinach salad (had a blast!). Then Saturday morning my parents and family friends came over for brunch, which consisted of oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes and spinach mushroom omelets. This was after a nice 25 minute run that Nick and I accomplished. We’re turning into “serious” weekend runners

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