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Don’t Pay For Peanut Butter, Make and Flavor Your Own!

Have you noticed that peanut butter prices have soared? And apparently they are going to start increasing even more pretty soon. Strangely, I haven’t heard anything about actual peanut prices going up (have you?) so why not make your own peanut butter?! If you have a food processor it’s much easier, but I’d be willing to bet (although I’ve never tried) that a Magic Bullet or blender would work just as well, it may just take longer.

Gina’s Spicy Peanut Butter


16 ounces roasted, unsalted peanuts
2 tsp. cayenne peppercayenne pepperDirections

Pour peanuts into food processor. Use the large chopping blade and turn the food processor on. Keep the processor running for about a minute, then turn off, take off the lid, and scrape the edges. Do this all again about 4-5 times, or until you have a peanut buttery consistency.Peanut Butter 1At this point you can add:

– Cayenne
– Cinnamon
– Pumpkin spice
– Chocolate powder
– Vanilla
– Any other ideas?

I chose to add cayenne (2 tsp);cayenneMix well to allow the cayenne to evenly distribute throughout the peanut butter.cayenne 1And now we have some spicy peanut butter in our fridge! We’ve been adding it to PB&Js, granola, and I’m hoping to make some spicy peanut sauces with it soon.

I’m pretty sure cayenne has been shown to speed up metabolism. Who knows by how much, but hey, any help we can get is good (I should say natural help we can get)!

QUESTION: Have you ever made your own peanut butter? Will you stock up on peanut butter before the prices go even higher in November? Will you visit all local grocery stores and buy all the post-Halloween Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups like Nick and I do every year?

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